notebook love

Morning guys! It’s SO good to be back in NYC after a whirlwind trip to LA for the Design Bloggers conference. I ended up catching a last-minute red eye back (a few rows away from Jessica Szohr*) to NY and found myself happier than ever to be home. I’m not sure if it’s all the moving and the sense of unease that can bring to one’s life, but after being away from home for 24 hours, all I wanted was to get back into my own bed with Turk curled up next to me. Now that I’m home, I’m feverishly making lists of things to do before we move (two-week countdown), so naturally I’m procrastinating by looking for cute notebooks to write the lists on, rather than the lists themselves. Some of my favorite simple options are these new designs by Italian graphic designer, Alessandro Barbieri and illustrator Julie LaBulle. They feel like something I would have drawn in high school had I been a neater doodler. But because I’m not (my drawings always look rambling and off-kilter), these might need to go on my “to do” list of things to buy soon. Until then, you can check them out (and shop online) right here. xo, grace

*As of last night, I’m giving up my vice of online celebrity gossip. Goodbye, US Weekly. You won’t be wasting my time with headlines like, “Justin Bieber Autographs Lady Lumps” anymore.


Oh My Gosh, I love Gossip Girl!!! Also, are you counting Britsh Gossip? Because that is even more fun.


I understand the notebook thing completely – I’ve got quite a few that have been bought throughout the years for very specific purposes. Nevermind the fact most of them are still completely empty because they’re too nice to actually use :)

And it looks like my collection may just expand with the ones you’ve found…thanks :)


congratulations on ditching celeb gossip…does that go for reality tv as well?


Wow – cold turkey on celebrity gossip right in the middle of Sheenapalooza. That’s dedication!


I love that you are giving up online celebrity gossip! I was planning on giving it up for lent, but should join your cold turkey attempt and give it up completely.

Stacey J

Good job giving up celebrity gossip. It is definitely a waste of your time.