new: mini moderns whitby wallpaper

Good morning, guys! I’m bouncing up and down this morning because later today we’re going to our new apartment to take some measurements and plan for our move in less than two weeks. Before I head over and break out my tape measure, I wanted to share this sweet new wallpaper from Mini Moderns called “Whitby.” I’m a sucker for anything that feels nautical, so this print works for me on so many levels. I’d love to see it in a children’s room, but it would work just as well in a living room by the ocean. Whitby hits the e-shop this month and will be sold in four different colorways. Click here to check out the new patterns and shop online. xo, grace

Photo credit: Josh Love at Love Vintage Furniture

Ry Sal

It’s a lovely print, great as one wall and contrasting colors….


Thankyou Grace – you have always been such a great supporter of ours – good luck with the measuring up! How exciting.


so fun and whimsical! I always love the wallpapers you choose! they are statement makers for sure.


Thank you, love it! one of my dream projects is having a line of wallpapers, I have designed patterns, but I wouldn’t know where to produce them. These are really gorgeous, I loooove the gray one


We went to Whitby while we were in the U.K. and it’s the most charming sea-side town. Love the name for this wallpaper.


This wallpaper is amazing! I just love all the unique wallpaper choices there are out there lately!


I want to know about the beautiful furniture, esp. the couch!

Sara L.

Aggh! I just went to the website, and now I want to wallpaper my entire house! Such great designs. Wow!


I must have that chair! I wish I knew where i could get it. The couch is cool too. And awesome awesome wallpaper.


Oops. I answered my own question. Love Vintage Furniture. Now I wish it wasn’t in England.


I could live in the red room. The wallpaper is great and I love all of the funiture in these shots, especially the couch.


Many thanks for all your comments. The furniture is all vintage Ercol who are still producing. This is all from our friends at
Best wishes Keith at minimoderns


What a great pattern/wall paper design. The navy and off white is particularly stunning!

Jane Myers

My niece made cheese by hand, starting years ago. We, of the supermarket types, eyed her concoctions suspiciously- “Ewww. What no plastic shrink wrap?” But, eventually, we tasted the result- delicious! I would love to present her with Ashley’s book..


Whitby is a beautiful town. I used to go every year to the Whitby Gothis Weekend with friends and wander around like a bride of death. These days I prefer singing at the Folk Festival!

The prints are beautiful. Remind me of japanese prints from wood blocks. I love the red variant!


I’m a sailor’s daughter therefore also a sucker for anything nautical. I love this print, and I particularly love that it’s a working class fishing boat featured and not a smarmy yacht! WANT!


Thanks so much for the comments. Lisa we couldn’t agree more the beauty of whitby is it is still a working harbour. Cherade9 – i would have loved to have seen ur outfit! Glad you like the navy and stone Heather – we wanted to get the colour of fisherman overalls and washed out workwear
keith at mini moderns

A Casa da Vá

Love the nautical feel – and all colors are so pretty, can’t choose my favorite! The styling of the pics are also great, love the furniture pieces that were chosen

flat faced cat

I love the fresh nautical wall paper. It makes white furniture pop off the walls so beautifully! My favorite is the blue :)


I love how energetic and playful this is (the waves are a little tippy – splash!) yet at the same time it is not too too distracting, like so many other bold modern wallpapers.
Great photos, too. Thanks!