neighborhood finds: daskam & dworkis cutting boards

After Aaron and I moved in on Tuesday, we took a stroll around the neighborhood. To my delight, we happen to be around the corner from a phenomenal sandwich/gourmet food shop, and I spent a good chunk of time loading my arms up with Salvatore ricotta and strawberry pepper jam. On the way out the door, AC spotted something I had missed: amazing cutting boards from local designers Daskam and Dworkis. Based in Greenpoint, Josh Dworkis and Tomas Daskam turn beautiful salvaged wood into food-safe cutting boards that are almost too beautiful to approach with a knife. Each piece is unique in color, size and shape, but I was mostly drawn to their pieces that have one “natural” edge and one smooth, finished edge (below). Perfect for cutting or using as a display/cheese board, these pieces were so gorgeous that I wanted to find a way to mount them to my wall and use them as shelves (I’m still working on that idea). While they don’t have e-commerce yet, Daskam and Dworkis sell their amazing boards at Meat Hook, Lucy’s Whey, Whisk and Eastern District in Brooklyn. I don’t typically post things without an easy click-to-buy link, but these pieces are really and truly so gorgeous that they’re worth calling up one of these shops to order. The prices for each board range from $7 to $49, but if you leave your cutting board out on the counter like I do, it might be a worthwhile investment to have something that’s equally beautiful and functional. Click here to see more of Daskam and Dworkis’ amazing woodwork and their retail/commercial installations. I’m so excited to be surrounded by so many amazing woodworkers here in Greenpoint. I hope to start interviewing and featuring them here soon, so stay tuned! xo, grace

No Coast Design

So beautiful and what a great way to add the look of rustic and live edge wood to your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Camille Storch

There are several Etsy shops with similar salvaged and natural edge cutting boards, so if you really “need” one, look there.



i actually already picked up one of these. i love supporting local artists when i can :)


Camille Storch

I agree that local is better, but for those without crazy cool woodworkers in their neighborhood, there are online options.


my ex husband was a woodworker…so i super appreciate the beauty of wood. and these cutting boards are gorgeous!!


hi jenny

sadly not yet- but i’ll let you know when and if that happens. i’m going to meet with these guys soon and see their studio so i’ll see what info i can get. just saw some AMAZING prototypes of theirs for knife racks and they’re SICK. :)



gorgeous! and well priced!! i’ll have to stop by there next time i’m in brooklyn


Welcome back to the neighborhood, Grace! So great to have your creative energy up here in North Brooklyn.

Scott B

Sometimes you find the coolest things in New York. Next time I’m there maybe I’ll get one of these cutting boards