moon diamond

One of my favorite parts of our recent “yard” sale was getting to pass some of my favorite small prints on to new loving owners. As much as I love a gallery wall full of tiny artwork, I’m feeling the need to move in a different direction, toward something on a larger scale. Lately I’ve had my eye on large-scale prints and photos, and this “Moon Diamond” print ($50) from Jason Dean at The Best Part is a great place to start. With this print, Jason dissected an image of the moon and reassembled it to form a diamond. Each print measures 24″ x 24″ — the perfect size for making a statement on a mantle or above an office desk. There is a wide range of large-scale prints in Jason’s shop, but this one is my favorite. You can click here to check them all out (and shop) online. xo, grace

maison marigold

I love it…didn’t realise that the shape was assembled joining cropped portions of an image of moon itself!!! how cool is that…and i just the name ‘moon diamond’!! have a great weekend grace!! xx meenal


I like the print but what I like much more is the name of it – doesn’t it sound dreamy?


so i saw your tweet about this and thought, oh that MIGHT be cool, but could be sort of lame. i don’t know why i questioned your judgement…its really interesting and beautiful!


I’ve been looking for larger scale art myself. I’d love to see a post on where to find such things, as I’ve been having a harder time with it. Could you?


I love it and I did it! I just bought the “Moon Diamond” print ;-) The other works of the artist are quite interesting too! (I also like the 8-bit Tornado and The Woods.)