mara caffarone

As overwhelmed as I feel by today’s move (the movers will be here any minute!), I also feel hopeful and excited about the fresh start we’re getting in a new space in a new neighborhood. When I saw these prints from Argentinean artist Mara Caffarone, I felt they perfectly expressed my feelings of anticipation and happiness. So I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off this big day and start off D*S than with a gorgeous jolt of color. Click here to read more about Mara and her work and here to purchase her exclusive prints ($35 each) at Little Paper Planes. xo, grace

Mariela Ramos

Great artist, those mix of colors are amazing and I hope you have a wonderful day of moving to a new chapter of your life.

Heidi S.

Grace- Best of luck today on your move today and congratulations on the new place! The colors on the prints are beautiful.

Liz Kaplan

Good Luck with the move Grace. I love that feeling of excitement that comes with a new space. I bet you’re already setting the table for that first outdoors dinner.

It won’t be long now.




Good luck with the move!! Drink lots of coffee! :)

…and Jimmy John’s is the best meal after a hard day of moving…trust me!


Good luck, Grace!
Although a tough day awaits; the rewards will be well worth it!


Ah, who couldn’t use a little artwork jolt on a potentially-stressful morning of moving?! Good luck, Grace! Really hoping you share your new place with us!

Catherine Gordon

I am currently renovating my bathroom and these prints will make the perfect sunny statement! I am going to snag a set of four right now to add that extra jolt of color!


bless you grace!
having recently been in those shoes i really feel for you lady. it’s exciting indeed, but also discombobulating! be patient and know that this chaos is temporary.
when i was in the midst of moving, my daily d*s visits provided a space of hope and solace for me. thank you and congrats on your fresh start!

Jess Deugan

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul…..Emily Dickinson
Ms. Grace may you be filled with hope as you navigate through this move. Also, I am so grateful for the daily dose of inspiration and beauty you create. Thank you!


I went to Little Paper Planes for Mara and bought more than just her work. What a great online art shop!