furry office companions: d*s team pets

Lately I’ve been thinking about the things we surround ourselves with at home other than furniture and accessories. Food, music, flowers — they all play a big part in creating a space that feels like “home.” And today I wanted to take a quick look at another aspect of our home lives: furry friends.

One of the first things my book editor said to me after reviewing the first pass of the D*S Book was, “Wow, there are a lot of cats in this book.” And she was right. I’ve always admitted to being about two cats shy of “crazy cat lady” status, and whenever I chat with other D*S team members, I realize I’m not alone. Whether we’re writing our posts from a studio, an office or the couch at home, almost all of us have pets that keep us company. I started thinking about how these little (and not so little) guys give so many of us that feeling of “home.” So I thought it would be fun to share a glimpse into not only our team members’ lives but also their pets’.

Image above: Paige from Around the World with Bash and her dog Milly.

Image above: Emily from Beyond the Big Day with her gorgeous (and huge) dog Judah.

Whether sitting on our desks, stepping on our laptop keys or keeping stacks of paper warm, these are the team members that make late-night blogging less stressful and keep us calm when WordPress accidentally deletes a long post.

So many of you share our love of animals, so if you have a special pet who keeps you company while you work, we’d love to see them! Feel free to link to your Facebook, Twitpic, Yfrog, blog or Flickr accounts in the comments below. It’s always fun to see who’s keeping the blogging community company when it can feel like just us and a laptop. xo, grace

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Living In editor Amy Merrick caught her cat Bertie in the middle of a statuesque moment.

Wherever these cats are, we’re home. AC’s cat (Ms. Jackson) and mine (Turk). We combined them when we moved in together years ago, but they still seem to stick pretty fiercely to their “original” owner.

D*S City Guide and Biz Ladies editor Stephanie and her dog Harvey.

Small Measures editor Ashley English and one of her many chickens.

Flowers A to Z editor Sarah Brysk Cohen’s dogs Ruby and Molly.

When she’s not conducting interviews for What’s in Your Toolbox, Ginny Branch Stelling is spending time with her beagles Harold and Maude.

Simply Color editor Lauren Willhite has a cat named Lunchbox. One of the best/funniest cat names I’ve ever heard.

Sewing 101 editor Brett Bara has a beautiful cat who goes by Kitty or Miss Kitty.

Before & After Basics editor Barb Blair adopted her beautiful dog Lizzie.

Sneak Peeks editor Anne may not have a “real pet,” but she’s had this funny little gnome for over seven years. She adopted him in Paris years ago, and now he accompanies her on trips (he’s been everywhere from Baltimore to Cameroon) and watches her work during the day. (Photos by Meg Gagnard)

Managing Editor Amy Azzarito has what I call “Supermodel Cats.” They’re skinny, beautiful and incredibly well behaved. Her Russian Blues are named Loki and Freya.

In the Kitchen With editor Kristina Gill has several pets in her Rome, Italy, home. Though her beloved border terrier Crash! recently passed away, she still snuggles with Zizou and a fuzzy cat named Moonboot.

Senior DIY and Before & After editor Kate Pruitt has a constant crafting companion, a cat named JFK.

Our copyediting queen Erica has a friendly office companion named Nona.

Kelly from Bash Co. Events (and Around the World with Bash) has an adorable dog named Pickle. Such a perfect name for this little one.

D*S Sneak Peek intern Shannon and her cats Frida and Julie.

D*S Sneak Peek intern Dominique and her pup Kaya.


i love this post so much. i couldn’t imagine living in my house without my fluffy white cat, oscar. he’s such a love.

Cait @ Hernando House

My dog, Dots, loves to help with projects, and my husband’s dog likes it “inspect” things to make sure they don’t contain food. You can read a bit about them here


Julie the Cat (aka Giulia Geranium – the title of HER blog, ahem) & I really enjoyed this post w/so many cuties. Julie is allowed some space, now & again on my blog. Actually she’s not a physical presence on hers that often. But she does raise money for good causes, so now & again, I give in w/a snap or two:)



There are 2 dogs (living in separate homes) that I wish could come to work with me – Sheamie the beagle and Mojo the springer spaniel. Both are swell although I think Mojo would tear the place apart!


There’s nothing like a furry friend to keep the work day in perspective. Great photos. My Ginger dog puts in a long day so likes her coffee breaks and trips to the woods for sticks. The studio needs sticks! http://flic.kr/p/9812hM

Brenda Watts

My 2 coworkers in my studio are Labradors, Jack & Hazel, very good at quality control and watching the clock for coffee[cookie] breaks ….. when in the house my 3 British Shorthair cats, Blossom, Harry Winston and Stella M along with their 3 moggie pals entertain all. I think they add to my life and creativity so much….. I am not sure the number for ‘crazy cat lady’ , I think I may have surpassed it with the last addition. haha

Camilla Pringle

Lovely post. My Springer Spaniel called Bree comes to work with me. The client’s love her & she loves showing them around the showroom.


I let out a happy laugh when I saw Emily and Judah! He is SO big compared to her. Love it.

Shannon Summers

Aww I really wish we could keep animals in our office, even if they weren’t my own. There’s a lot of science behind animals and their positive effects on people.


Fun post and some really cute names. Except when I envision myself calling out “Lunchbox!” or “Pickle!” when my pup starts to wander too far away… I just dont think I could do it. My chocolate cocker spaniel Lucy is my companion anytime I’m working at home.

Kate O

After growing up with a dog and believing I was a “dog person”, my husband convinced me that we should get a cat – and that was that! That was Pandora, our original baby, and she got a brother when we adopted Harley. He’s camera shy, but here’s a picture of Pandora, causing trouble as befits her name:
http://katemakesa.blogspot.com/2011/03/purchase.html (scroll to the bottom).


Love this post. So nice to see the faces of the writers along with their sweet furry pets. My cat and frenchie also keep me company while working in the studio. What a wonderful addition they are to my home.


Love this post! Animals bring so much to our lives, I can’t imagine not having pets to share my love with :)
Here are pictures of my buddies–Asterix the goldendoodle, and the kitties Beaker and Mokey.

Laurie Cinotto

OH, what a sweet post. It’s so nice to “meet” all your critters! Thanks for sharing them.

I can’t imagine a day without my crafting companion, Charlene Butterbean. It can be a lonely life when you work from home. I feel lucky to have my goofy, vocal cat by my side.

We also have our steady flow of foster kittens too. There’s nothing better than working on your laptop with a half dozen purring kittens napping on top of you. Especially when they are a cute as this:


What a great post!!! Lunchbox is a fantastic name, but I think Moonboot is my favorite! My border collie, Ozzie, comes to work with me every day. Can’t imagine coming in to the office without him!


Animals are the best! Here’s my dog Hoover when he came to my office one day.

sara @ the by & by

I can definitely attest to the late night blogging company – our two cats, Shroder and Zooey, love “helping” me with my posts – which since they’re both still kittens, “helping” typically means seeing how long they can chew on my laptop cord before I notice. So sweet, and yet so destructive… I can’t wait until they’re a little older… haha!

Vivien @ The Eclectic Life

I’m in love! I absolutely love pets so this post is a special treat. What a great idea to feature this big design names and their lovable pets. I can’t believe how big Emily from Once Wed’s dog is! He’s simply precious!


What a happy way to start the morning! But I have to go off topic and ask — where did Emily get that fantastic sofa?


Hah! I love this post. My husband and I have 3 cats – Oliver, Oscar and Stewart – that we just couldn’t live without and they “supervise” my work all the time. Oliver, a maine coon mix we rescued, has a particular penchant for sitting in anything that’s too small for him while the other two sit on anything that lands on the floor (zippers, pieces of paper, you name it). It always weirds me out a little when I read listings on etsy from people who say that their work comes from a pet-free home. Why would anyone have a pet-free home?!?


Ironically my pets are my blogging life!

My dachshund, Ammo, comes to work with me in my custom frame shop and pretty much never leaves my side. http://www.ammothedachshund.com

And when we’re not at work together we spend most of our time on the family farm with my three trick ponies (Minnow, Blitz & Boomer) and two quirky cats (Spider & Cricket). http://www.paintingpony.com

I can’t imagine life without them!


Oh, I love it!! I am lucky enough that my company lets us bring our pets to work, and it is the #1 reason I stay at my job. I love riding the train to work with my little guy Riley and doing my work with him hanging out next to me all day.


Love the pet photos. I am lucky enough that I work in an office that allows us to bring our pets to work. I wrote a blog post about half of the gang which you can find here:


I will soon be doing the second part of the post which features the other three dogs. So stay tuned! And thanks for such a great start to the day. :)


here’s pocket on take-your-dog-to-work day. it’s coming up again on june 24th!

and prodigal pepper… http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=512739215970&set=a.512739196010.2015348.162900198&theater

and maeby… http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=512739205990&set=a.512739196010.2015348.162900198&theater

i don’t where i’d be without my furry trio! they make life more interesting.


Can your intern do a post about how she does that front braid? I can’t figure it out! I know its not exactly home related, but I love it and really wish somebody could teach me.


I have a mastiff like “Judah”, and I wonder if Emily cleans as much “drool” off her furniture and walls as I do! Archie is his name, and I am happy to clean up after him!

Margarita Lorenzo

haha love it!! I can see, I am not the only one who is mad about her pet, Thanks god to Missi, who is always around me and keeps me company while I work, on this photos he is playing with some of my materials, he loves sitting on my printing table, next to my clean lovely fabrics, haha…always in the center of attention. Thanks for this post i have really enjoyed, and here are some photos of Missi: http://chocolatecreative.blogspot.com/2011/02/love-of-my-life.html

emily Davis

I LOVE this post…my fuzzes Nora & Lincoln ( 2yr. Boston Terrier & 11 week old Boxer) are snoozing under my feet right now as I work from home…This is great!
Thanks for sharing.


Oh my goodness, Rachel. I’m so sorry to hear that. How devastating. Our thoughts are with you. xoxo -AmyA


The advantage to working at home is that all my furry buddies, my kitty, Pig, my Italian Greyhound, Tater, and Boarder Collie, Dusty, can all hang out for support.


Thanks so much for doing this post! It gives us readers such a neat little glimse into your lives and sense of home. I really enjoyed this =)



They’re all adorable, my personal favorite is Pickle. Love the name, love the pup. I’m a sucker for pointy-eared itty bitties.

Katie C.

Adele, I loved the picture of dog and bunny. I can’t get my house rabbit to relax around a dog, though he is perfect in nearly every other way.

Eva @ Four Leaf Clover

Rachel – I don’t know if this will help or not, but my cat was missing for almost four MONTHS and we found him!! I wrote a post about it if you’d like to see: http://fourleafcloverblog.com/?p=435
I hope you find him!

That’s also the only post I’ve written about my cats thus far, but I definitely need to update soon – I’ve got five cats after all! : )

Absolutely LOVE this post! So great to see other animal lovers!


So cute! My cat Patrice is my “assistant”. She’s never far away and loves to lay on top or beside my work, love her!

Kris and Don

Sammy (chocolate lab) and Bentley (king charles spaniel) are our store mascots. They are currently napping, curled up in a snug ball together, under the front counter.


Post of the week, perhaps? Don’t tell my 3 cats but I’m firmly team Judah!


ok, not wanting to distract from the onslaught of cute furriness, but, but, what is that chair Pickle is sitting on???
I can’t have pets in my apartment but maybe I can have the perfect office chair? :)

kathy kuhl

After the death of our first dog, Maggie (my first business partner), Nelli came into our lives and inspired a line of candles to honor Maggie – and all pets everywhere…..together we collaborate, create and try to make Maggie proud.

Amy Ramaker

My BUG (Boston Terrier/Pug) Sleeps on my desk when I work! I would be lost without him! His name is Otis

Betsy Habrun

Where did Emily get her couch from? I love it and have been looking for something just like this.


Hi Grace! Great post and very entertaining with all the beautiful pics…Am really curious as to why you named your cat ‘Turk” ? I am a Turk that’s why :)


Hey Guys!

Thank you so much for all the sweet comments about our gentle giant, Judah.

Anna – Fortunately, Judah isn’t much of a drooler unless he’s been running around outside in the backyard or at the dog park.

Angela – Judah is a bull mastiff. He is still a baby(1.5). He will probably gain another 25-30 lbs over the next year.

Beth/Betsy – Our couch is from Crate and Barrel.





turk was actually a name given to him by the shelter where i adopted him. the shelter is in a part of brooklyn that is largely catholic and i guess there’s a member of the catholic parade (i’m blanking on what holiday the parade celebrates) called “the turk” that is behind the priest? so they named him that. he’s got anything but good church manners, but the name actually seemed kind of spazzy and quirky to me and it was perfect for him, so i kept it. plus, when i adopted him he was 1.5 years old so i didn’t feel like changing a name he was already used to.

good turk story- i got him the FIRST day i volunteered at the animal shelter. he was the last cat at the end, totally filthy and bratty and he was reaching his paw into the cage next to him to pull the blanket out from under another cat. i know, what good manners. i saw him and fell in love right away. i knew that little prankster would be mine. ;)

grace :)


this post just made my day!!! Judah, Pickle and Chicken are amazing creatures. :) :)

Sarah (A Paper Proposal)

This post made me smile, thank you!

I have two cats, Felix and Laney, who are constantly vying for my attention while I blog :) I have to say though…best, best job in the entire world!


Grace, great story and thanks for the answer :) I thought you named him so i was curious if you saw something in him that reminded you of us Turks… Anyway, he seems like a lovable cat so I am happy his name is Turk! By the way, Turkey has a lot of cats, as pets and also on the streets – everybody feeds them, they are part of the very lively scene in Istanbul and we could not imagine the city without them! There are 2 special Turkish cat breeds – the Ankara cat and the Van cat (which are two cities in Turkey), which are white and have different colored eyes…google them , I am sure you will find pretty examples…All the best!



that’s so interesting! i didn’t know that. thanks for the cat trivia- i love stuff like that ;)



I love this! So cute. Makes me want a little cuddly pet of my own.
The gnome pictures turned out lovely- a typical Parisian day in the 7th!


This is one of my most favorite posts here on design*sponge, as I love pets and animals!! (and I’m a HUGE Turk fan!) And it’s nice to see all the d*s contributors, too!

Here’s a link to a website of my beagle, Bella. Bella the Beagle, who likes to balance things on her head and nose in an ongoing balancing act. (She LOVES Chuck from dooce.com)



love LOVE this post! my pup Lacey and my cat Bucky are the reasons my apartment doesn’t look anything like a d*s post (cute coffee table chewed into toothpicks, adorable throw pillows de-stuffed, couch arms shredded) but they’re totally worth it!


Having a pet at your workplace, whether it be a communal office or your solitary home base, is such a wonderful and fulfilling thing.

My dog, Daisy, came to work with me for the 14 years of her happy life. She happily laid at my feet while I was on the computer, came in the car to meet with suppliers, convinced me it was time to get out of the office so we could take a walk to get some fresh air, and made sure to make “her rounds ” around the office and warehouse to give kisses to everyone who worked for me.


Purrfect timing for this post! I have a pet/design related question for you!

My cat Tiamat perches on the back of the couch and poofy armchair, and has started to depress the cushions significantly. We have tried spray-bottle deterrents, etc, but to no avail. Currently there is a sneaker sitting on the back of the couch to prevent her from sleeping there, but it looks sloppy! Do you have any other suggestions?


I’ve been waiting to get home all day just to comment on this post! I’m a proud cat lady, too. Most say my Izze & Mo have the biggest catitudes you’d ever see. Mo is sweet & cuddly, & Izze is…well…everything has to be her idea. She rules & Mo drools.

I uploaded one of my fav pics of them–they’re waiting patiently for my attention/food :)




i’m so sorry to hear about jake. your drawings of him are just beautiful




corabelle is doing her part- love that shot with her paw on the laptop- that’s so cat ;)


Blake Eames

leo…wanted some air so he made that happen…we were renovating the front of our house at the time…he weighs in at around 110lbs and has no idea he is that big!
leo .jpg


My work buddy dog Boss Hogg keeps me company as I work on my vintage clothing etsy shops from home. He is in my avatar picture for my one shop here:

Boss Hogg is a very lazy cubicle mate and constantly sleeps on the job. He is inappropriate and shows up to work naked frequently. (Actually, every day.) He is quite messy in the break room and has no regard for other people’s lunches in the company fridge. But he gives the best kisses. And company policy calls for regular hugs and kisses so I think he might actually be up for a promotion soon. :)

Julianne Applegate

Bringing Tito to work is one of the great luxuries of having my own design company! Tito, named for Josip Broz Tito of Croatia, not Tito Jackson, is a big goof of a puppy. People are always disappointed when he stays home from my design studio.
This picture is from the day he ate my daughter’s down coat.


I’ve had such a crap last couple of days dealing with humans – this post was just what I needed! So much cute fur out there!


I start my day off my reading your blog, and this post on furry friends just made my day! I love animals so much I started my own animal photography business with my husband. Inspiration came from our dog Corbin (a giant heart) and his feline siblings RT and Leeloo (daily comedy show). Thanks so much for this lovely post!


love this post! i have three furry creatures that keep me company while i work. my husband and i own a raw pet food company called smallbatch. i also keep myself busy with a blog and some crafty projects while working from home. my two cats (blue and purl) and my sassy dog tuula are the best companions a girl can have. i’m lucky!

Golden Foster Mom

This was really a fun and different feature at DS–love to see everyone’s pets. They truly do help make your house a home. For those who are unsure about welcoming a pet into their home for the first time–consider becoming a foster home for a rescue group! I am a golden retriever foster mom and have a sweet golden of my own (who I also fostered and then adopted).


I LOVE them ALL!
such companionship!!!
My dog Wanda is now 19, we’ve been together all these years 24/7…she now has inspired my new business: making silk pillows of people’s pets.
Wanda is such an inspiration to me…

Erin T.

Precious! This is one of my favorite posts to date. :-)


I started a blog for my little black cat, Ollie. I started making bow ties for him shortly after we got him, and I just couldn’t resist chronicling his life through a little photo blog. He’s such a sweet little kitty. Always either sleeping right next to me, or bring me toy mice to play with. I am obsessed! http://adventuresofollie.tumblr.com/

Alex Louisa

A furry studio buddy is a must!! There are so many cute ones here :)

I had to draw mine:


And here he is posing with it:

So far he (Shadow) has learned to pass my pencils or paintbrushes back to me if I drop them, but he always runs away with my Wacom pen!

I also have a green studio buddy who comes out at night. He says hi:

Great post! Thanks for sharing your studio buddies with us! x.


Love all the fuzzy support! Not to get totally off topic – but I love the chair Paige has in her office – where is that from?!


@Elise: It’s a somewhat complicated thing to give instructions for in writing… and it’s not really design related… :) But, I swear it’s very easy to do (best on bad hair days! ie unruly). Otherwise, pretty sure there has to be a tutorial out there – my bet is on youtube. hope this helps!


so no link of a picture of our gorgeous lil squishy fat pawed, one eyed Mabel but i love her to bits. we got her from a shelter in november 2010 after our first adopted cat Makita passed away in August 2009. we just kept coming back to mabel and she kept following us around as we looked at the other cats, so i think we both knew she’d found her family. she is constantly walking in front of my face as i sit at the computer and will quite often flop down on the keyboard so that i have to give her attentions. she’s so very much a part of our family and i couldnt imagine being without her

ainsley elizabeth

i love this! for my husband and I, our pets are more of ‘home’ than any house will ever be!
the three (yes three) large male cats: wimpy, dad, and tutu

one beloved- and sorely missed rabbit: miss farley jane

and the ever bold, brazen, mischievous, yet mostly loving lady(hawk):
I find that no mater what project we’re tackling, our adoring furry family is always there to lend a hand, give a laugh, or just love me while we bumble through the ups and downs of home decorating.