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diy project: ashley’s vintage-suitcase coffee table

by Kate Pruitt

I have three vintage suitcases gathering dust in the back of my closet, so I could not be happier to see a luggage DIY project from the talented Ashley Poskin. We featured her burlap chair in our Before & After column last August, and her signature salvage style is back again in this lovely coffee table. My favorite part? The hidden storage. Thanks for sharing, Ashley! — Kate

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Two years ago, my husband and I opened our barber shop with three basic style goals in mind: (1) Stay true to our love of vintage. (2) Spend next to nothing! (3) Keep it real. So out I went in search of “goods” for the shop. I wasn’t finding what I wanted for a coffee table when a gorgeous vintage suitcase caught my eye. I picked it up for ten bucks, found some screw-in coffee table legs at Home Depot, and wa-la! :) — Ashley


  • Waddell straight top plate hardware (4)
  • Waddell 4″ tapered table legs (4)
  • vintage suitcase
  • spray paint or stain for the legs
  • power drill
  • measuring tape


1. Turn the suitcase upside down, measure and mark out the four areas to place the hardware.

2. Get out your power drill and screw in the hardware.

3. Screw in the legs!


  • If you want to be SUPER green, keep your eyes peeled for a table with similar “screw-in” legs at a thrift shop or yard sale. Give ’em a little test and try to unscrew all of the legs before you get the table home (sometimes the screws are stripped, and then you’re, well . . . screwed). I found my hardware and legs at Home Depot, but they are also available at a range of sites online.
  • This project works best with old suitcases that were constructed out of balsa/masonite or some other sort of thin wood. You want a case with a bit of thickness — something the screws can sink in to.
  • I used cheap black spray paint to go with the black tones in this suitcase; dark wood stains look really nice, as well.

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