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DIY best of: lighting projects

by Amy Azzarito

Lighting has to be one of our all-time favorite topics — we’ve recently held crafting events in honor of lighting, picked out our favorite chandeliers in homes and even delved into the history of chandeliers. You might call it a little obsessive. But if you’re a renter, updating lighting — whether an overhead fixture or ambient lighting — is an easy way to make a dramatic change. Grace has been thinking about what kind of lighting to put in her new apartment, so I thought I’d go through our DIY files and pull out the best of our lighting projects. — Amy A.

Image above: All you need is wax paper, ribbon and a hanging-planter basket and you have a capiz-shell chandelier from Brenna’s paper capiz-shell chandelier project.

Image above: You could scour flea markets for a vintage version or just DIY your own cork lamp.

Image above: Filament light pendants

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Image above: Planter turned pendant lamp

Image above: Framed industrial lights

Image above: Lindsay Adelman’s industrial-style chandelier

Image above: Need a way to use your mason jar collection? These mason jar lights are one of my favorite lighting projects!

Image above: Knitted lampshade

Image above: Simple Ikea hack for sculptural pendant lamps

Image above: A simple update to a decorative light switch cover

Image above: Twinkle blackboard

Image above: Similar concept as the blackboard lights above but with a piece of wood (DIY twinkle panel).

Image above: Pendant lamp from a planter

Image above: Wood veneer lampshade

Image above: Update a box storage lamp with decoupage.

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