DIY best of: lighting projects

Lighting has to be one of our all-time favorite topics — we’ve recently held crafting events in honor of lighting, picked out our favorite chandeliers in homes and even delved into the history of chandeliers. You might call it a little obsessive. But if you’re a renter, updating lighting — whether an overhead fixture or ambient lighting — is an easy way to make a dramatic change. Grace has been thinking about what kind of lighting to put in her new apartment, so I thought I’d go through our DIY files and pull out the best of our lighting projects. — Amy A.

Image above: All you need is wax paper, ribbon and a hanging-planter basket and you have a capiz-shell chandelier from Brenna’s paper capiz-shell chandelier project.

Image above: You could scour flea markets for a vintage version or just DIY your own cork lamp.

Image above: Filament light pendants

CLICK HERE for more DIY lighting projects!

Image above: Planter turned pendant lamp

Image above: Framed industrial lights

Image above: Lindsay Adelman’s industrial-style chandelier

Image above: Need a way to use your mason jar collection? These mason jar lights are one of my favorite lighting projects!

Image above: Knitted lampshade

Image above: Simple Ikea hack for sculptural pendant lamps

Image above: A simple update to a decorative light switch cover

Image above: Twinkle blackboard

Image above: Similar concept as the blackboard lights above but with a piece of wood (DIY twinkle panel).

Image above: Pendant lamp from a planter

Image above: Wood veneer lampshade

Image above: Update a box storage lamp with decoupage.

Amber Grace

I am in love with that first chandelier… I might have to try that ASAP… I’ve got some really great scrapbooking punches I picked up at Liquidation World. They were $18.99 and I got them for (gasp) .49 cents each!! Can you believe it?? They were 90% off the lowest price. It blew my mind so I bought one of every one they had – some are rather large and really unique shapes… Can’t wait to play around. I wonder if you could make this out of vellum instead of wax paper for a sturdier material? Can’t wait to try it! :)


I am smitten! I adore lamps and probably have too many for my home (hehe), but I love new ideas and these are fantastic!

maison marigold

I love the (faux)capiz shell chandelier…it is so gorgeous…and lamp with a knitted shade…just the cutest thing for the bedside table!! it must give the most gorgeous muted light!! lovely post amy!! xx meenal


OMG! The first lamp is PER-FECT for covering the awful, awful, totally fug dining room chandelier in our apartment. I’ve been trying to figure out a solution for that terrible thing for months. And so inexpensive! I’m going to run out and buy a circle punch today! :D

Chris Moores

Amazed by the creativity here. I was on a honey store once and they used old beehive boxes as light fixtures suspended in air with bulbs within them. It was so brilliant and unique I had to take a picture.


I’m so happy you posted this! I just spent the morning looking for DIY lamp projects. One of my favorite DIY lamps that I’ve seen was one made from an old flute…it’s a fun a idea but a bit pricy for me.

Laura H

Thank you for this post! I’ve been in a total DIY rut and this totally sparked the creativity. 4 mason jar lights done this afternoon :)


I really like the cage lamp shader and the remodded IKEA shades. So simple, yet affective!

I have five lamps waiting to be rewired and have shades made. Two are matching West German ceramic table lamps and another one is a similar floor lamp. I’m trying to make fairly authentic reproductions of the original out of hessian and embroidery. The other two are odd vintage bases I pinched from my Mum’s. I have two crochet designs in mind for them!

Jesse Lu

I totally made my own versions of the sculptural felt lampshades. One of the most rewarding DIY projects ever!

Chris Moores

Grace, Yes it was. You know your stuff! ;-) It was an impressive store to begin with but what a touch.