curvy bottom lamp

For the last seven years, I’ve been a chair girl. Through and through, chairs were the thing I gravitated toward most, and I collected them like they were an endangered species. AC used to joke that I had three to four chairs for each person living in our home, and he wasn’t far off. I mean, who doesn’t love a cute chair?

But lately I’ve replaced my chair lust with something slightly different (and more affordable): lamp lust. Just like this guy, I find myself saying, “I love (that) lamp” more often these days, and I’ve got a new one to add to my digital wish list. Canvas just added a gorgeous, hand-carved¬†Amish-made black walnut lamp to their collection that is just dying to move into our new home office. With a great big linen (gray? raspberry colored?) shade, this sucker would be pure heaven. While the name of the lamp reminds me of the recent misguided “Fat-Bottomed Girls” skit from Glee, I’m loving the lamp anyway and hoping that it might make the final “buy” list when we get settled in to the new apartment later next week. If you’re looking for a beautiful new lamp, click here to check this one out in detail or order online ($280). xo, grace

maison marigold

This is beautiful…lovely organic shape…I’m loving the gorgeous wood grain…now all i need is a good carpenter to make it for me!! xx meenal


The lamp is lovely. It’s too bad that I can’t keep myself organized enough to have any extras sitting on my desk. That space is strictly for all of the paper and books that are bound to pile up.
Thanks for sharing Canvas as a resource, by the way. They have some fantastic stuff!


This made me laugh…I’m a chair and ceiling light girl myself ;)


I am both a lamp ho and a chair ho. I collect them both. I love to pick up pitiful lamps, paint them and rewire them. I have very well lit rooms! I also have this tendency to pick up chairs with great lines, but don’t tend to get around to rehabbing them. oh well!


Gray definitely. Light to medium. Linen, heathered wool, tweed,… subltle herringbone… know what I mean?

Andrea B

I used to live outside Amish country in Pennsylvania and the lamp description made me stop and think. An Amish-made lamp? There is irony in that …

(but is definitely has great lines.)

Joyce MacFarlane

I think you’d also like the work of the Carroll Street Woodworkers. I just wrote a post about them on my blog ( They’ve designed a great table lamp from recycled wood.


i’ve always been veeeerry much a lamp girl. they really church my butter if you know what i mean.