coralie bickford-smith great food covers

In my book (no pun intended), Coralie Bickford-Smith can do no wrong. She has consistently designed some of the most breathtaking book covers on the market and continues to make it look effortless. Although I know it’s not. Coralie has a stunning new collection of book covers that are part of a series called Great Food that is due out this April. When Anne told me about them yesterday, I immediately pictured them living in our new kitchen. They’ll be as beautiful to look at as they will be to read for food inspiration.

While looking for some more info on the series, I found a post on the great book and design blog The Casual Optimist that said the covers are based on ceramic styles from each book’s time period. I love that idea and think it’s such a clever way to tie the decorative details of the book into the content. You can view the full series right here on Coralie’s site or check them out online here and here. Thanks to Anne and Coralie for the tip! Click here to read a fantastic interview with Coralie on the always-amazing Fast Company blog and here to read our own interview with Coralie. xo, grace

CLICK HERE for more images of the collection after the jump!


A MOST difficult job. Coralie is a SHINING star. Thanks for sharing her singular talent.


WOW! These are beautiful. I was going to select a favorite cover, but I think I’m just going to have purchase ALL of them. Thanks for sharing this!!!

maison marigold

though i do not cook much.. i would be happy to have them all as art in my kitchen…absolutely gorgeous!! thanks for sharing, grace! xx meenal


In a world where anyone can find any recipe for any dish online for free, designers must be more aware than ever of their task: adding value to obsolete physical objects. These are beautiful and they definitely accomplish that goal – my book shelves are full yet I yearn to own the set :)


Lovely! I think it’s wonderful how well they are designed individually, but how great they look all together too.


These are beautiful…are they for sale somewhere? I couldn’t tell and I looked for them on Amazon…

sara @ the by & by

I *rarely* cook, but man oh man. I. Want. These. Books!! All of them. I would consider them a colorful peace offering to my seldom used and unappreciated kitchen… Love! Thanks for sharing!!


I am absolutely swooning over these! You don’t need to cook to have a shelf full of lovely cookbooks, right?

Amanda (Dear Frances)

What a wonderful thing to add to my list of gift ideas for food/cooking obsessed friends. And for them to add to their list of gift ideas for me. :)


Coralie, just can’t quit. Can’t stop, won’t stop. Best ever.

livingston & porter

I’m working on a project sourcing vintage cookbooks but these really are out of this world DESIGN-wise.
Spectacular! Love her spin on book design- gorgeous!


Oh wow! I’m still working on collecting those beautiful classics — I haven’t even gotten to the gold-covered ones yet! And now there’s more!


I love love love these. I’m an avid collector of vintage cookbooks but I might just have to add these to the collection anyway. They could be considered vintage-y

Julie K.

I am arranging my kitchen right now, because we’ve moved to a new house recently. I was wondering what to decorate it with and thanks to your article I have something to start with. These covers are truly amazing, so bright and full of life.


These are beautiful covers. Makes me want the books just for the covers.


Coralie is amazing. I can’t wait to get these (and happy they are available in the US).


I absolutely cannot wait for this series to come out! luckily my birthday is in april, so i think if anyone asks what i want for my bday, i’ll let them know to get me a book from this collection!!! the picture of the spines is particularly beautiful.


I love collecting cookbooks and these would be the most perfect addition. They should sell the set as a whole!


where’s Richard Olney’s Simple French Food? Strange omission! It was published by Penguin in the UK……


I loved her work for the english classics, I have about half of them at home and frequently give them as gifts…Excited to find out more about these ones…

I often get tired with material things, but good design makes my heart flutter…

Love, Jules


All of a sudden the US release date on Amazon says October. Bummer.


I would *love* to see her house.

I have some of these books, and they’re lovely. (Her deco Fitzgerald covers are my particular favourites.)