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Last summer, Grace and I became first-time city-bike owners, and we went a little bike crazy — there were bike accessories, best of bikes in sneak peeks and even a bike video. In spite of last summer’s crazy heat, riding around the city on my cute bike made it the best summer ever. Seriously, it’s one of those little things that has the power to make you so, so happy. For those of you currently without two wheels, I’m sharing these super cute bikes by Windsor that are pretty affordable. Even though I have my bike, there’s always a little accessory that I seem to be eying. — Amy A.

Image above: Windsor bikes from Bikes Direct, $229.95 to $349.95

Image above: icrew 4

Last week was my first time riding my bike since the fall — it has been a long, hard winter, and I just couldn’t brave the cold. Getting my bike out of the house was so much fun! But there was a little, tiny annoyance. I am terrible with directions and because I’m relatively new on my bike, I like to stick to the streets with bike lanes. So before I head out, I look up my directions online (I use Ride the City, which is amazing). Then I write the directions on a piece of paper, which I tape to my basket. This must stop. At the New York City Gift Show, I spotted the solution to my problems — the icrew4 iPhone mount by Color Tokyo. It’s waterproof, it pivots and it’s sleek. I’m totally in love with everything, except that I have to order it from Japan. So I thought I’d see if anyone else has iPhone-mount suggestions that don’t come from Japan.


Thank you for this post! I live in a very bike-centric neighborhood, but have yet to actually get one.


Not only are those bikes rather affordable, they are INCREDIBLY CUTE. Thank you for sharing! I’m hoping to bike more this coming warm weather season!

amy walters, aDESIGNdock

I can’t wait for biking weather…unfortunately The Peg still has plenty of snow so it might be a while till I take mine for a spin. Love the cruiser bikes. So fun!


OMG! I am so getting that mount for my iphone! How helpful will that be!!!


Wow, this makes me long for spring and taking my own bike out for a ride soon! Too much snow around here still though…


My bf and I reallllly want to get into bike riding … as soon as Toronto weather gets happier we will be out there!!


There are so many stunning bicycles out there right now. It makes me sad that I am incapable of riding a bike anywhere other than bike trails far from cars. I find riding in traffic so intimidating!


It’s been a while since I took my bike out. My husband and I love riding in the park near our house. Can’t wait for spring/summer to arrive. Thanks for the post!


I personally prefer riding trails in the when the weather gets nice since they’re much safer. A great site for finding trails in your area is These guys have a great selection of trails and they tie in Google biking directions to their trail markers on the map.


I moved to NYC two months ago and left my bike, Jazz, behind. (Well actually I donated her to a kids summer camp) I would love, love, love one of these bikes. They are so cute. Also, good plan staying with the bike lanes. I saw a guy almost get run over by a bus on Madison Ave. last week. My heart stopped for a whole second I swear.

Vivien @ TheEclecticLife

All these bikes are adorable! Who doesn’t love a cute colored bike? I have a pistachio green one with cognac leather handles and seat. I LOVE IT. I probably look at it more than I ride it though.


For 8 speeds and stunning curves that doesnt weigh a ton, test a MASI Soulville.. it’s a dream ride. and those custom fenders – oj!


After years of non-riding, so much that my mountain bike’s tires went flat and spiders moved in, I got a bright pink cruiser for my birthday. Basket, fat white wall tires, little bell, pedal brakes. I named her Bouncing Betty. Book in the basket, and we’re off.


You should do a roundup of stylish road bikes sometimes — i.e., bikes meant to go quickly and up hills. It’s easy to find stylish city bikes and fixies, but I need a bike with a triple gearset and drop bars! I haven’t been able to find any “cute” bikes that fit these criteria.


hi adrienne- if i find any i definitely will. we looked for them when we did the bike roundup and they just weren’t very cute :(



love the post! have you come accross other stylish helmets beyond nutcase? i’ve searched high and low and have yet to find other “cute” helmet options.


hi emilie

i haven’t seen a ton outside of the nutcase brand. but the links we have in the bike posts (in amy’s post above) include a few non-nutcase options :)



Oh no…I really think I am going to have to buy one of those bikes. I love my bike but it’s from the 80s and rusting pretty badly.


Thanks for this post! I just bought my first grown-up bike last summer, a vintage Schwinn Collegiate Cruiser, and I’m so in love with it. Admittedly, though, I haven’t ridden it in a while due to the cold! But your post makes me want to ride it soon!


Your post also made me super excited for spring and bike riding!

Adrienne, I have (what I think is) a cute road bike! I will try to post some pictures on my site once it warms up and I bring it out. It’s a drop bar Schwinn that I bought it at a bike co-op (Chicago Bike Co-op) – probably originally from the late 70s. They fixed it up so that it’s still cute but works well! May want to check out somewhere like that?


I’ve been looking for reviews of these bikes online and cannot find any. Does anyone own one or know someone who does? I want to sell my current bike, which is super comfortable, reliable and from a great company for a little bit more stylish bike, but I would hate to regret it. Thanks!


hi christina!

yep! i bought my bike there. the bike video link in the post above is an interview with the owner :)



Hi Andrea,

I work for Bikes Direct, and these bikes are brand new to the market, so we hope to see some reviews shortly as customers start receiving them. I can tell you that I was fortunate enough to ride a sample Oxford and adored it. I’m only 5′ tall, with legs about the length of a dachshund’s, so it’s had for me to find a bike that’s comfortable, and this one is a winner! I plan to get the Oxford Deluxe in Ocean soon.

We have an A+ rating with the BBB and are very proud of our customer service, so if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line! I’m so glad to see these supportive comments!



That should read “hard for me to find…” Guess I should be wearing my glasses.


i ordered the windsor clockwork from bikes direct a few years ago (in orange!) and spent quite a bit of time and money essentially converting it to the oxford… had i seen these, i’d have ordered one for myself and one for my wife in a blink.

the quality of the windsor bikes are quite nice and bikesdirect was top-notch insofar as customer service and delivery. you won’t be disappointed.


I just bought a new orange PUBLIC J7 from SF-based PUBLIC. I love the step-through frame: PUBLIC also has more expensive mixte frame models with internal hub, but I opted for the most affordable model. My PUBLIC J7 rides fine up a few hills I need to climb to get from home to work.

Joyce aka Miss CycleStyle

For your Australian readers who might be after a cute helmet (including some non Nutcase options), the funky Utilibelt mentioned in the above comment and other fashionable and functional bike goodies, please check out


Just remember: function is a lot more important than form when it comes to your bike, ladies and gents. I don’t know about these Windsor bikes in particular that are featured, but I know that Republic bikes (similar in price and style) are pretty cheap and flimsy. If you’re only planning to coast over to a friend’s house or cafe now and then, you can probably get away with that. But if you ride in a city like Chicago, NYC, SF, Miami, Austin, Portland, Denver or Minneapolis, you’ll want something sturdier.

Vintage and used bikes, though perhaps lacking in pretty colors, can be some of the best values. Add some spiffy bar tape, racks, baskets or panniers if you want to perk up a so-so (but reliable) ride.

And: Wear a helmet!


I got a Windsor bike (the Bristol) about 5 years ago from BikesDirect and I LOOOOOVE it. It’s not one of these retro bikes but I can vouch for the quality of the bike and also the transaction with BikesDirect.


Super cute bikes! I can’t wait for warmer spring weather to get here quickly so I can finally go for a ride. I wish the iCrew4 was from the US too, it would make life so much easier to plot routes and listen to tunes!

jess s

Wow, that Windsor Oxford looks just like my Linus mixte. That is really weird.


this week i received and starting commuting on a windsor oxford (sky blue) because of this post! it was high time for my rusty, rusty, old raleigh to go, and this was the perfect bike, essentially dropped into my lap! it’s a beautiful bike and rides great – total steal. thanks so much!


I bought the Oxford (in ocean, swoon!) on a Friday and received it the following Monday and couldn’t be happier. It required a little assembly (which I wasn’t comfortable with doing on my own) but now it’s together and rides great!


Just got my Windsor Oxford Deluxe from Bikes Direct and I LOVE it. It’s very high quality, and so cute! :) Wish I could post a pix. Went to Amazon and bought a great front and rear basket set to match and it’s fab and practical. Shimano gears, everything came well-packaged. A little challenging to assemble, but I wound up getting a little help to make sure it was done properly. Love it.

rear bike rack

Beach cruiser prices have escalated to an outrageous price these last few years and together the founders realized there had to be a way to make things more affordable.


Hi, I was wondering about the sizing. I had read a review of these bikes and they said that the 46 cm size was more suitable for someone 5’3″ and under, even though the site states 46 cm is women 4’10” to 5’7″. Do you have any comments on the sizing in your experience? Thanks!