beg bicycles

by Grace Bonney

These days, my inbox seems to be full of emails from new bike companies producing old-fashioned or retro-style bikes. I own one of these myself, so I don’t have much room to speak, but I’m starting to feel ready for a new style to take over. Maybe something super minimalist and modern? Until then, I’m still enjoying the range of colors and styles these old-school-style bikes offer.

These particular styles are from a company called Beg Bicycles. What I love most about their collection is the range of quality leather accessories they carry. From bags and bottle covers to baskets and blankets, they’ve got your entire bike outing covered. Click here to check out the full selection on their website (designed by I Love Dust). You can also check out more bike coverage on D*S right here — we’ve rounded up bikes, bike accessories and interviews that are perfect for spring riding. xo, grace

CLICK HERE to see more of Beg Bicycles’ collection after the jump!

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  • Ahhh!!!! I love this post! I have a mint green bicycle like the one photographed above but not basket. I really love the idea of a crate in the back of the bike to hold my labtop, some groceries and of course a nice fresh bouquet of flowers! What a great round up of ideas Grace.

  • I think a leather-covered cooler crosses the line from cute to ridiculous.
    I think there’s got to be a better balance between aesthetics and practicality. The bags and baskets are great, and I have huge love for lugged steel, but I’m going to need more than three speeds to take the hills in my town.

    • steph

      understood- bikes like this def aren’t for hilly areas. i have a hard time with mine and brooklyn isn’t even that hilly.


  • I think I like looking at the beautiful images of these bikes in the most perfect and well thought-out settings more than I actually like getting on one. :)

  • speaking of a new “minimalistic and super modern” bike style taking over… i just bought this bike two weeks ago (http://www.frankinstienbikeworx.com/1ab.html) and its the lightest, fastest, and most wonderful bike on the road. it was designed by the owner of the shop here in philly- described as “mother was a cruiser, father was a fixie”. oh, and i also knit bombed mine to up the cuteness factor.

  • love these bikes. got em bookmarked… for the next time I’m in the market for a bike this is where I will look :)

  • I suppose fixies are the exact opposite of the retro style but I am scared to ride one. As much as I love the retro bikes, I also live in a hilly town and they are so heavy! Would love to see a roundup of stylish lightweight bikes someday. I am in the market!

  • Santa brought me an Electra for Yulemas. It’s all black with big white wall tires; black wire basket, and this awesomely CooL Blue Stars DINKDONK bell ….i call her Priscilla.

    I’ve been looking at vintage make up cases {the hard shell kind} as bag/purse for the bike to carry my stuff.

  • Holly I like that Kick Bike. I am sure I have seen them before but didn’t know they were still around.

  • I love the elegance and individuality of these bikes. The style of yesteryear combined with up to date bike technology. Wish I was young enough to ride one. Have ordered an old school satchel. In my teens I couldn’t wait to dump my school satchel! Now I want one again if only to return my library books and feel superior to plastic, carrier bags!

  • I have a massive, long-lasting obsession with bicycles…I can’t wait to nose around on our site for more bicycle happiness.