bedroombefore and after

before & after: striped bedroom + airy living room

by Kate Pruitt

Siv Kouth is an interior designer who knows how to add drama to a room. This bedroom, which belongs to Siv’s cousin, was looking a little drab and not quite sophisticated enough to suit her tastes. Sophisticated is definitely what she got; I’m mesmerized by the irregular stripes, and I love the mix of taupes and creams with the high-contrast black and white wall. Amazing transformation, Siv! — Kate

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Cost: $650

Basic Steps: Siv painted the room white to brighten up the space and added the striped accent wall. They positioned the bed at an angle and used the curtains behind the bed as an alternative to a headboard. They also added a stainless-steel clothing rack behind the curtains, which provides additional storage space and a changing area for Siv’s cousin.

If you like this look, here are a few useful tutorials:

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I don’t think I will ever tire of an all-white room. White floors, white ceilings and lots of light; it’s an undeniably cheery, restful and gorgeous combination, not to mention an excellent blank canvas — almost any collection looks great against it. I’m finding this eclectic and textural vintage-style living room makeover by Åshild Moen-Arnesen to be incredibly appealing. The velvet green seating is set off so nicely by their crisp white surroundings, and the mix of materials — jute, wood, velvet, linen and leather — are gelling perfectly. Amazing work, Åshild!

Time: One month

Cost: $600

Basic Steps: They started renovating the whole house at the beginning of January, including the kitchen, bathroom and living room and also did some work in the bedrooms. The previous owner left a lot of furniture, so one of the first things they did was to call a thrift store to pick up most of it. Then they ground down the floor in one weekend and treated it with pigmented varnish that had a bit of white in it. They painted the walls twice with an eco-friendly white paint and then layered back in their collection of furniture pieces.

If you love the look of Åshild’s light-filled living room, here are some useful tutorials:

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  • Love the idea of stripes – I’m hoping to do this in my living room (tone on tone) at the suggestion of another designer. Great post!

  • My first reaction to the stripes was that the black didn’t work at all, but as I looked at it a bit longer, I actually like it quite a bit! However, I really don’t like the curtains behind the bed. I think they’re distracting and just don’t work. I understand wanting a headboard alternative, but I think it’d look nicer to put a low shelving back there and some warm lighting. Love the bed though, it looks very inviting.

  • I don’t really like the transformation of wood to white paint. I LOVE the natural beauty of wood, and find it a shame to cover it with paint.

  • Too stark of white. I would have left the beautiful wood beams exposed and whitewashed the brick, not completely painted over it. Doesn’t seem natural to me.

  • Wow! That wall of stripes is amazing! Very cool.

    Can you source the curtains in the window?

  • Is that bedroom a guestroom? I wouldn’t want to sleep there every night — the stripes are way too contrasty for a peaceful feel, and the curtains don’t provide anything solid to lean on. I do like that the bed is angled so two people can easily use it but there are other ways to make it work.

  • Love the white living room! The green couch is my dream couch, can anyone tell me what that style of sofa is caled? (with the ridged back that wraps around to the arms)

  • Holly–have been leaning toward doing stripes that combine flat and gloss of the same neutral shade. Would love to see pics of your finished work!

  • I really love the new additions of the time/cost for projects and the before/after! It provides a great perspective, thanks!

  • the bed looks very cozy, i like the stripes but not so much the curtain headboard.

    i like the white living room. maple color wood and paneling make me feel “blah”, but the fireplace would look better if it were painted a warmer color.

  • Hmm….I thought the paint on the wall looked brown and cream to me, contrasting well with the other colors/elements in the room. My computer does not have the best contrast though, so it is possible I could be wrong. While not a big fan of beds in the corner, it does take up a lot of unusable space. (And when I say unusable, I mean the space with which almost nothing can be done with).

  • Really like both of these, but I agree that with the all-white room, that leaving the ceiling beams the wood color would have been a fantastic contrast to keep.

  • The curtains behind the bed look very cheap especially when they’re right next to some beautiful curtains on the window. They kind of just hang there adding nothing to the design. They also cut the stripes off on that side of the wall diminishing from that cool design element.

  • I might be with the non-painters on the ceiling beams, but if you have ever lived in a house with that kind of paneling you know how dark it is, and can appreciate wanted to paint it just for the light quality, especially if it is in a basement.

  • great idea to move bed to diagonal in s smaller room. really takes advantage of that window. looking for some great cream-based, Parisien-inspired wallpaper for behind my bedhead.

    any ideas? xt

  • I just read through some of these comments. While I respect that people have negative opinions about spaces, I don’t think you need to share them. Those that painted/redid these spaces love them and put a ton of work into it, I’m sure. Why share negative thoughts about it???

    I think both families did a great job!

  • really love that you are including the total costs of these renovations! a great addition to the fun before&afters!

  • I love the black and white stripes! I don’t think I understand the position of bed and what is going on with the curtains? Maybe it’s the angle in which photo is taken.

  • We moved into a place painted all white. It doesn’t work at all. So sorry to see the wood beams painted over. That’s going to be a lot of work for someone else in the future.

  • I’m with the Katie who posted previously– that couch is fabulous! Do we know where Ashild bought that beautiful set?

  • Thank you everyone – it’s fun to read all your comments about our living room. First; the couch is inherited from my fathers aunt, and is from the 70s. We found the lamp in the attic when we moved in in January, but the shades are from Ikea, because the original ones were damaged. The piano were also left behind from the previous owner. It is also fun to read the comments about the painted walls. I think we Scandinavian (or some of us, at least) have grown up with wood walls, and it seemed old fashioned to us (the house had not been redecorated since the 60s). The ceiling beams are hollow, and not hard wood. It would either have been to remove them or paint them. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • Another time when the bedroom window is not in the same place. Is it a different room? It’s an amazing transformation. I love basement declutter and rejuvination. The table in the foreground is beautiful. Is piano darker or is it just the new contrast? Lovely job!

  • Love the contemporary look of the bedroom and the living room is so cute! I wish I could read a book on that couch.

  • Love this site. I’ve been inspired by your designs, and especially the BEFORE/AFTERS… my family bought a convent 5 years ago… with a chapel! I’m renovating it…slowly. Talk about your strange BEFOREs!

  • Painting over pine I can understand, but that maple had such a lovely warm tone – seems rather a shame. The room comes across as cold and sterile, in the after. Either the floor Or the walls painted might have worked for me, but both looks like a mental hospital. Different strokes and all that, I suppose.

  • I am totally digging the black and white stripes. Two questions: 1) How did you go about painting the stripes? Was it totally maddening to keep it all accurate and straight? 2) How did you hang the curtains that are behind your bed? Is that a curtain track? I tried going to curtain-tracks.com to search for something similar…can you provide insight?

  • Hi everyone, thanks for all the comments. I just wanted to answer a few questions. You can see the rest of the space here http://autumngreenly.com/interiors.html

    grace: the dress is from forever21

    emily: I first drew an elevation of the strips just to get a feel of the spacing. Then I measured starting from bottom to top. And yes it was maddening trying to tape in a straight line but what was more frustrating was trying to keep the paint from bleeding. After have done this, I found that there are many tips and tutorial out there on how to prevent the bleeding. As for the curtain track, I found them at Ikea and they’re super easy to mount (and cheap).