before & after: salvaged kitchen + boutique spa/salon

When we posted Adrianne’s lovely card catalog makeover a while back, it received rave reviews. With similar notes of sophistication and old-school charm, Adrianne’s amazing new kitchen is sure to be equally popular. I love the mixture of dark salvaged wood, red brick and industrial metal, and the delicate glass chandelier that provides a lovely, unexpected contrast. Nice job, Adrianne! — Kate

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Time: 8 weeks

Cost: $22k

Basic Steps: They removed all the flooring and counter tops themselves but hired experts for the more involved electrical and plumbing work. They relocated the door; built a new dividing wall and ran water, gas and electricity to the new kitchen; and added electricity to the island and pantry. The brick wall was installed using thin brick veneers, and the floors were all leveled, as well.

Adrianne originally wanted to keep the existing cabinetry, but in the end, they had to replace them all to complete the look. They installed hardwood throughout the space and the appliances in the kitchen; added new counter tops, trim and wainscoting; and painted several times in order to find the perfect color. Phew! The results look well worth the effort, though.

If you like Adrianne’s salvaged-kitchen look, here are some tutorials you may find useful:

CLICK HERE to see the PALOMA Salon transformation after the jump!

Spaces with concrete floors can often feel cold and uninviting, so when I saw these images of Austin, TX-based PALOMA Salon, I was impressed with how fun and bright it looked. When his wife Evette Richards had the dream of expanding her one-woman esthetician/massage practice in to a full-service salon and spa, artist and designer Levi Dugat decided to partner with her and make it happen. The result is the PALOMA Botanical Beauty Parlor — a salon, boutique and gallery all rolled into one beautiful interior.

The combination of rustic furniture and colorful, contemporary art is quite appealing, and I love the use of black to offset the bold touches of color and pattern. The result is extremely sophisticated but also a bit edgy — exactly what a modern art gallery and restful spa should look like, in my opinion. Great work, Levi and Evette!

Time: Levi and Evette spontaneously decided to expand and create the shop when the lease ran out on Evette’s old one-room space last fall. The entire move and design was planned in a month and executed in about eight weeks.

Cost: About $10k, which included the costs of plumbing and electrical supplies/labor, enlisting an architect friend to draw up blueprints to submit to the city, all the permitting costs and the interior supplies, pieces, fixtures and the rest.

Basic Steps: They did most of the renovations themselves, including painting the entire interior and accent walls, installing the pine accent wall, designing and installing all the shelving with Levi’s sister Amy, re-wiring the Lucite chandelier in the reception area and refinishing a number of the furniture pieces. Since PALOMA is also a gallery space, Levi and Evette saved tons of money on the decor by hanging the work of artist friends like Aimee Jones and Leah DeVun for their opening exhibition.

Here are a few tutorials to help you achieve a similar look:

All images of PALOMA by Nicole Mlakar Photography


Links to tutorials don’t qute work (year 2011 inserted).


What a fantastic bench in the kitchen!!! Both make-overs are absolutely beautiful!


Love the painted triangle with shelves. I would never in a million years think to do that, but it looks fabulous! Sometimes you see before and afters that look great, but still somewhat expected. I didn’t see that coming!

Carly McCray

GAH!!! D*S before and afters are my favorite feature. That kitchen is so beautiful! I really love those dark floors with the white. Everything pops!


Not keen on the brick but the crest is fantastic. What a lovely space


Is it the trim that throws off the brick wall? It would be a simple fix to remove it.

Amber Grace

These are beautiful! My family room has cement floors right now, and we can’t decide what to put down. I want hardwoods, my husband wants carpet… We painted it and put down area rugs until we decide. These floors are beautiful though, wish they would work for my space.


love the kitchen, but it’s a little awkward that the microwave is off in what is now technically a different room. If it had been me, i would have found a way to keep the kitchen on one side of the brick dividing wall.

Sue Jones

Z Brick, really?
Everything old is new again.


Wow, what a difference in the kitchen! Adrianne – would you be willing to share the name/brand of the paint color you used on your kitchen walls?


The kitchen looks amazing, but I am perplexed by the new layout.


I want to like the kitchen, I really do…but I don’t. I’m all for exposed brick in an old brick house but it feels almost cheesy in new(er) construction.


Gah, beautiful spaces. But I can’t help think about the absolute WASTE that comes from demolishing a room that was so beautiful in the first place to merely enhance it slightly for our silly aesthetic, meaningless, pleasures! I guess you may need to witness lives and homes being demolished first hand to experience that kind of sorrow, but as much joy as this blog brings to me, it also brings me paramount sadness.


Third picture down: what does the art piece say on the wall next to the brick? That is so cool! But I cna’t read it… “Let us not” something


Both are really beautiful transformations! I love the artwork over the bench at the salon!

My only suggestion for improvement in the kitchen is to remove the crown, take the brick veneer to the ceiling and put the crown back on. But otherwise, really lovely!


I really liked the wainescoated walls in the before, I think it looks nice in the after, but it seems like such a shame to redo something that was fine the way it was.

karen berg

Wow, both great makeovers. I especially love Adrianne’s industrial looking coffee table. Did she make this, or have it made? Just curious as I am looking to build one in similar style.


the top kitchen looks nice, except for the brick wall which looks a bit too clean and slightley pastiche, I feel bad saying it, but to me it does. i like the lower change, although with such a big space I expected more dramatice.


Twyla- The wood says “let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth” 1st John 3:18. Here is the link to the project {we made it for only $40}:

Jill- The brick actually does go to the ceiling and the crown is placed on top! thanks though:)

Karen Berg- It is actually a vintage miners cart that we got at a store called Modern Manor, the store is owned by our best friends-so when they saw it, they immediately thought of us!

I know that the brick doesn’t photograph very well, or maybe its just my camera, but in person it doesn’t look clean or fake at all. It is beautiful!



I like the kitchen decor with brick effect. In my opinion, it adds to the impression of a kitchen space comfortable and cool.

Stephanie Press

The reclaimed wood wall art is great. Ever since I saw the table you guys featured with the poetry hammered into the surface, I’ve been dying to try my hand at one of these!


Sorry about that… It’s hard to see details in photos. It looks to me like it stops just below the crown. But I do trust you. :)


That was fantastic make over. i love the transformation specially in the kitchen


Amazing transformation! love the distressed elements (coffee table and wood wall art) juxtaposed with the beautiful, dainty chandelier.

Anyone know where to find those red and white striped nautical throw pillows?


Love this transformation! Also love that black bench! I recognize it from the Bramble catalogue as the store I work at stocks Bramble products. So beautiful!