before & after: poppies and posies’ studio

As someone who has always dreamed of having a big, open, loft-like studio space with wood floors, industrial lamps, big windows and brick walls, I think I may die of envy if I stare too long at this amazing makeover of the Poppies & Posies studio, an NYC-based floral and event-design firm.

When Sierra, the co-founder of Poppies & Posies, sent these to me, I honestly had to block out some time to ogle every image. The space is so achingly gorgeous, and I love that every corner has been given love and attention. The furniture itself is rustic and spare, which allows for the lush colors of the flowers, vases and vintage knick-knacks to really stand out. Everywhere you turn there is a beautifully composed vignette or a mix of pattern and texture, which I’m sure provide countless moments of joy and inspiration to the workday.

There are too many lovely details to count, but luckily I’ve included them all after the jump. Get ready for some serious visual candy. Thanks for sharing, Sierra! — Kate

All photographs are by Jen Huang.

CLICK HERE for the rest of the Poppies & Posies’ studio makeover after the jump!

Katie Truelove

O my goodness that is beautiful! It was so industrial looking- I can’t believe how well they were able to transform the space into that adorable rustic look!

elisa rathje

great vision for the space, wow, like seeing soneone’s pretty home. must be great to work in. gorgeous all over. x


Love the creative use of the hankies to make a sign. Just lovely!

meenal @ maison marigold

what an amazing makeover…lovely little details…however i would not obstruct that window in any way…it is stellar all by itself…thanks for sharing, Grace!! xx meenal

Laura *You Stir Me*

oh my goodness…where to start? Everything is just perfect. I love all their eclectic collections and the wonderful colors and textures throughout the space – great job, ladies!


These are two creative, talented, sweet as pie, all around lovely ladies. I got to see this space a few months ago when we met to discuss flower details for my upcoming wedding- it is just so warm and inviting and a perfect match for them. Beautiful!


I love the shelves of nick knacks! I have the hardest time not making my little trinkets look like clutter. Maybe it’s the flowers that help break up the madness? Whatever it is, it is really beautifully done.

Jennifer C

the sweet loveseat/couch is to die for! Thanks for sharing

Kristan Roberts

Wow, you are right. It is truly beautiful. What a calm, stylish, and practical studio. I love the custom feel to it, and the oodles of natural light. It makes my office look very sad indeed!


Oooh yes, this is eye candy! Their studio is so pretty. I especially like the rough boards as shelves and table would be perfect for Sunday brunches and…


I love this space! I particularly love the fabric (radishes?!) used on the sofa. So cute.


I have always wanted a loft! This is beautiful. The love seat is beautiful and the hankies.


Sierra and Juliet this is exquisite! I love the hankies-s0 darling. Can’t wait to visit! xx


I might die. Are they hiring? ;-) An absolutely lovely, splendid and inspiring work space. I can only imagine what beautiful things are created here. LOVE.

Brugge Restaurant

this is a amazing allover…lovely little details…however i would not obstruct that window in any way…it is stellar all by itself…thanks for sharing, Grace!! xx menial

Gina Leigh

Such an amazing studio space!! I love it…and I also love Jen Huang. It’s fun to see her work in this post.


Everything is so lovely, I want to work here too. I am pretty sure I am going to think about the Cherry Sofa all day. That was the best thing in there!

charlotte lyons

delicious transformation of an already cool space. we used to live in a Hudson River loft like that- will always miss the factory floors, so full of character and history.

livingston & porter

OoPs Correction….
See what happens…I scan the photos being the visual girl that i am and think it’s so sweet it looks like HOME….as I take my last sip of coffee and close the screen I SEE STUDIO…..
You may work there but I might like to live there :-)

Steve @ eRoomService

Yeah, it really does look incredible. When I saw the pictures, I thought I could smell the air. The flowers make it look so homey. I really felt like I took a breath of fresh air just reading this.


Ok, now I know you must pay people to write comments..this place is just crazy. It makes no sense. It looks like a pile of junk and stuff stuffed into a room. Sorry this is a very confusing place.


PS if it’s a studio, then where do two people sleep or cook anything?



no, we don’t pay people to write comments. though i do wish i could pay you to be a bit more polite.


Amanda McEwen

I have to tell you, I am drooling over your wonderful sofa!! But I am absolutely in LOVE with the wagon-as-a-table!!! I would think the handle was removed and the front wheels stabelized? I am dying to do this….when my toddlers are older and will not try to make away with my table haha! Such a charming space.

meghan jane

Beautiful! Can I just say, I love that the usage words “achingly gorgeous.” just lovely and describes it perfectly!


i have also always dreamed of a big open loft studio as my condo – one with the bed in the middle the room. not sure that type of thing works unless you live by yourself though…

Steve Shapiro

Gorgeous redesign, ladies! It looks clean and tidy but not clinical; there’s a sense of almost rustic-ness in there somehow. Bravo, in any case!