by Grace Bonney

While a big part of me is still overwhelmed that most of my friends now have children or are about to, I relish my role as the last-minute babysitter, tiny hand-holder and excited gift-buyer. While I may not delve deep into children’s design here at D*S yet, in my personal life I really enjoy getting to buy tiny clothes, accessories and home goods for little ones. And sometimes I find myself wanting adult-sized versions of kids products because they’re so darn cute.

This is definitely the case with the new children’s bedding line called Auggie (such an adorable name). Founded by sisters Gen and Cristina Burgess in Toronto, Auggie features a subdued but still cheerful collection of bedding that works for cribs and beds. Made in India, each of the collections has the sort of delicate pattern work that I love in children’s design and secretly wish I could use in my own bedroom (especially the little pink flowers). If you’re in the market for sweet bedding for little ones, click here to check out (and shop) the Auggie collection online. If these guys ever branch out into grown-up-sized bedding I’m totally in. Thanks to Anna for the tip! xo, grace

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There are more photos of the line after the jump!

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  • i’m in love! i adore the daintiness of their designs, especially the little boy’s space theme. thanks so much for sharing!

  • Just a friendly reminder from a pediatrician – please don’t use bumpers on cribs of children under 6 months of age. It increases their risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. But, otherwise, as usual, these are beautiful!

  • gorgeous bedding … & since i am on the hunt for the perfect set for the lil dude it’s like it was meant to be. Although i would totally rock those stripes myself! hope you’re having a fabulous day. xx

    • laura

      glad i’m not the only one- i’d do those hot pink stripes with something more masculine paired on top.


  • My son Kai Max recently chose the ocean sheets with the blue “pony love” duvet, at his own volition, for his new room – the walls of which he wanted to paint the “colour of the ocean in Belize” from a recent family memory. Coming from the clean-white-sheet-as-a-blank-canvas-upon-which-to-dream…. I may just add the grey cross stitch pillows for my own bedroom as I’m so inspired and I can’t wait to see what my daughters choose for their own rooms.

  • OH NOOOOO! two weeks too late! I just finished a design for a twins nursery and the bedding was the hardest to find. These prints would have been PERFECT! Too bad :(

  • This kind of bedroom art envokes both the spirit of play and slumber. Fun colours, soothing fabrics… I see visions of sleeping beauties and the delightful smiles of bedtime fort masters.

  • All the adults swooning over these could always buy their pillow cases to use on adult-sized beds. :)

  • j’aime, j’aime, j’aime!!! I’m gonna order some for my boys right now! oooohhhh! the possibilities!