50s wallpaper by sanderson

I’m not normally a big 50s person, but every now and then something inspired by that era will catch my eye and make me want to embrace a look that’s a little bit retro. Sanderson has always produced some of the most beautiful wallpaper designs on the market, but they recently introduced a new collection of 50s-inspired wallpaper that I thought would be fun to share here. I always imagine retro wallpaper working well in a kitchen for some reason, but I think these patterns would be great for a kid’s room, too. Sanderson’s 50s collection has nine styles to choose from, ranging from playful fruit and floral prints to patterns that look like 50s-era mobiles. Click here to check out the full collection online and pick up a roll or two. xo, grace (Thanks to Christocripp for the tip!)

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CLICK HERE for more new wallpaper designs from Sanderson after the jump!


too gorgeous!!
its a pity that I’ll be in the US for just a year… Maybe I can take some back home with me?

maison marigold

The one with the fig pattern is so cute…you are right some of these might work better in a kid’s room. xx meenal

Cathy Linard

Most of these wallpaper designs hurt my eyes. I guess my design aesthetic just isn’t hip enough to go this retro. ;)


Love it! I don’t really care so much for a 50’s aesthetic either, but these pictures are absolutely inspired.

Susan @ Retro Restyling

Oh my goodness I am TOTALLY drooling over that wallpaper over here. I’m a huge retro fan, sporting the look and all… I must get some of this paper! Thanks for sharing!


these wallpapers reminds my grandfather’s photos when they were young…very stylish then and now!;)


It’s weird that you think you don’t like ’50s designs. I see loads of mid-century pieces and inspiration on this blog. Maybe you just don’t realize how subtly it’s been woven into everything.


love these! especially the dandelion-ish one.
a little bit off topic – can anyone tell me more about the yellow desk lamp in the first image? i’ve been prowling for the perfect lamp and i think that’s the one…


I think I’m in love with this wall paper! And the yellow lamp in the first image. Awesome sauce!

Sara L.

I am also going to chime in to find out more about that lamp. Anyone know? Vintage, reproduction? Anything?

The wallpapers are all kinds of awesome, of course.


i recently put up the sanderson dandelion clocks and i am looking for something to roll onto it for protection and sealing from stains and wear…any suggestions? i havent found a thing on the internet.


hi janelle

do you mean to protect the wallpaper? if the paper isn’t treated i guess you could paint over it with a sealant but that might make it very, very hard to take off.


Sara C.

The first picture is so me! The color scheme, the lamp, the typewriter! I want to live in that picture!


i loooooove wallpaper and whole these designs wouldn’t be my first choice because they are so bright and busy, I think in a really simple room they could be cool!


That wonderful lamp is haunting me! I need it in my life, do you have any idea where it is from? I´m dying for it!


i just had one section of my hallway papered with the Dandelion Clocks pattern (different colorway than what you’ve shown) and i LOVVVVE ITTTTTTT. seriously so so good!


Is there anyone older out there who remembers these first time round? As a child I had bedroom wallpaper with a white background with red and black geometrical designs and would love to see a picture of it again.