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50s wallpaper by sanderson

by Grace Bonney

I’m not normally a big 50s person, but every now and then something inspired by that era will catch my eye and make me want to embrace a look that’s a little bit retro. Sanderson has always produced some of the most beautiful wallpaper designs on the market, but they recently introduced a new collection of 50s-inspired wallpaper that I thought would be fun to share here. I always imagine retro wallpaper working well in a kitchen for some reason, but I think these patterns would be great for a kid’s room, too. Sanderson’s 50s collection has nine styles to choose from, ranging from playful fruit and floral prints to patterns that look like 50s-era mobiles. Click here to check out the full collection online and pick up a roll or two. xo, grace (Thanks to Christocripp for the tip!)

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CLICK HERE for more new wallpaper designs from Sanderson after the jump!

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