20 Gadgets for the DIYer

I’m one of those “easily overwhelmed shoppers.” I prefer small boutiques to big stores just because the sheer number of choices in a store larger than my apartment is enough to send me over the edge. So while I love gadgets as much as the next girl, I need someone to narrow the field. Which is why I was thrilled to hear that Kate was tackling 20 Gadgets for the DIYer over on the D*S Blog at MyLifeScoop. There’s no one I trust more than Kate when it comes to DIY know-how and she’s found gadgets (and aps) for the crafter, woodworker and handyman. Think I know what I’m doing with my tax refund this year…

Click here to check out the full post with all the resource links at MyLifeScoop. -Amy A


Oh this is like my dream post! I’ve been wanting a cutting machine forever but I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Silhouette. You can use your own designs with it (as opposed to the circuit) so its much more “graphic designer friendly!”


I saw the lead picture and was hoping to find a good nail/staple gun to buy for my reupholstery projects.


I agree – DON’T show a picture that you then don’t give a source for. I also want to find an electric staple gun and thought that might be what was in the picture. So I followed the link and went through the article twice to see if I missed it the first time. Annoying.


Ok, the post is quite okay and the article was interesting. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!