weekly wrap up + chalkboard globes + yard sale note

I love customizing globes and maps as a way to remember special trips and places in your life. And while it’s definitely fun to use pins and markers to keep track of those locations, it’s equally fun to embrace a blank slate by using a chalkboard-covered globe that you can customize again and again. Halligan taught us how to make our own in September, but Gosia at Blue Bell Bazaar is selling some gorgeous pre-made versions if you’re looking for something you can work with right away. I love the faded, vintage feel these have and would love to see them customized in a child’s room with their first big trips, or even decorated with patterns that change as you turn the globe. Either way, these open up a world (no pun intended) of decorative possibilities, so click here if you’d like to check them out online ($38-$98 each).

I’m off to clean and tag everything in our house for the yard sale tomorrow*, so I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday! xo, grace

*If you’re attending the yard sale, please keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feed for updates. I think a lot of things are going to go quickly so I don’t want anyone to trek all the way over later in the day if we’re wiped out or key pieces are gone. I’ll update as much as possible on both feeds.

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


I love the tones in the grey she has used, I also love the idea of yard sales, sadly we dont have that kind of thing in London, I guess I willbjust have to persevere with eBay! Sigh!


Rustoleum makes a dry-erase (whiteboard) paint now. If your tastes run more modern or are n’t a fan of chalkboard paint, that might be a fun option. Plus, think of all the colors those markers come in…


Hope that comment above made sense – in reference to the DIY globe idea…


Ooohh I love this!! I actually like the look of it without any chalk on it! Reminds me of how Restoration Hardware is looking like these days…


Another awesome post, Grace!!! :) :) :)

Have a fantastic weekend and hope you guys sell lots!!

Dakota :) :)


i’ve never seen anything like these globes. what a great idea! (and of course a unique gift for a traveler friend). it’s a great idea as is too…just as a sculpture!

lara jane

Amazing! What a swell idea!

I bought an old chalkboard MAP (the pull-down kind used in schools) many years ago, never thought to mark our travels on it! Thanks for sharing!


I don’t get it? How are you/your children supposed to learn where places are?
I’d much rather see a television painted in chalkboard paint.


Love this, wouldn’t have thought of it, but now I’m definitely keeping my eyes open for globes…feeling the need to diy…

Love, Jules


Joanie, I don’t think the chalkboard globe should replace an up-to-date, printed one, of course. I see this as a great accompaniment to their geography lessons – kids could create their own world and land formations, and enjoy seeing how they relate to one another. How fun!


Okay, the globe is too cool. If ever I see one at a yard sale or thrift shop for cheap, must make one. lol