weekly wrap up + california wedding

This has been a week of such happiness, good news and exciting new things that I couldn’t resist ending with another happy day: the wedding of two designers in California. Danni and Nick met at The Art Institute; he was studying game design, and she was focusing on graphic design. After meeting at a friend’s poker night they clicked, and Nick proposed during a trip to Seattle (he even made her a wooden ring).

For the big day, Danni and Nick chose to get married on their five-year anniversary of dating at a park in Fullerton, California, where they had their first date. What I love so much about their big day is that they actually reversed their wedding schedule to have the reception first because they wanted to get married at sunset. So at 4pm, guests gathered and everyone shared a picnic basket lunch together. Blankets were laid on the ground and everyone was able to pick up delicious wrapped food and eat together in the sun. I think it’s such a sweet and romantic way to start off a fun celebration, which ended with a post-ceremony dessert party. Danni has shared all the details below, so I hope you’ll enjoy this glimpse inside a beautiful day as much as I did. Thanks to Danni and Nick for sharing their photos, taken by Christian Cruz & Hope Feathers.

Before we dive into the wedding (which continues after the jump), there is a summary of this week’s content below. Have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday (with some pictures of our new apt.)! xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

CLICK HERE for the rest of Danni and Nick’s wedding after the jump!

Image above: Cake bunting by Kiki LaRue

Image above: For their wedding favors, the couple sent guests home with boxes filled with mini-Bundt cakes. Danni designed the tags, and the calligraphy was done by her friend Cathie. They tied each box with lace and included a wood fork

Image above: They had a lounge area with vintage furniture rented from Found Rentals. Danni’ s father also built a photo wall for the guests to take pictures.

Image above: The welcome table. When guests arrived, they took a fan (according to Danni, it was a HOT day!) a button and a program, and then signed the Polaroid guest book.

Image above: Simple silver wedding bands.

Image above: Danni’s wooden engagement ring made by Nick.

Image above: Test tubes and bottles hanging from trees along with succulents and lots of dry flowers. All the flowers and lace decorations were made by Danni’s friend Ruby!

Image above: The couple had a dessert table with mini doughnuts, madeleines, cinnamon rolls, brownies, and Bundt cake! They had vintage plates stacked for the guests to use.

Image above: Danni’s dress was vintage and borrowed from her friend Ruby.


So clever, I love this Vintage Wedding idea and the sandwiches wrapped.

Lillian (Unstitched.)

All the details are so beautiful!! I’m so glad Danni decided to share them here at D*S! :) Everything was just perfect – romantic, sweet, and just so gorgeous! :)


Congratulations Danni and Nick! Your wedding looked amazing. I love all the small details.

Kris K.

Absolutely dreamy! Proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune for the perfect wedding.


What a gorgeous wedding! I love the ceremony/reception reversal they did, I think it’s a great idea for the sort of feel they were going for.



Lovely (but my compulsive editor nature takes over – Grace, in list o’week’s stuff: flower begins w/’g’ but not gladiola)…

A great week at D*S – thanks. And congratulations again on your new hire!



That is one of my most favorite weddings I have ever read about. Such a cool idea–love the favors, decorations, styling. Love the picnic theme!


Love the lounge area with vintage furniture and the dress also is very beautiful!!! Very original way to celebrate the wedding. Thanks for share;)


I love everything about this wedding, but most of all I LOVE that he made her a wooden engagement ring!


The picnic idea and execution are just lovely, however, I started rolling my eyes at the lounge setup. If it were just necessary furnishings (chairs, tables, lighting) with simple decoration like flowers, I think it would be gorgeous, but all of that STUFF just seems fussy and over the top. When the picnic idea is so sweet, simple, and sincere, throwing in an abacus and other knick-knacks seems overwrought.


i love her blog!! and that wreath is to die for! Danni, can we get a possible tutorial on making one??


I love everything about this wedding, especially the reverse reception! We also got married at sunset, it’s so magical at that time of day.


Everything about this wedding is A+. At first, the names rang a bell and as I scrolled through all the photos and text realized that Danni was one of my Etsy customers back when she was scouting props for her engagement pictures. How great to see everything come together!

Katie Bee

I’ve been reading Oh, Hello Friend for two years now and it’s so fun to see this all come together here! It really is such a gorgeous wedding. There’s a sweet video on her blog, too, from back in the fall. The whole wedding looks like it was magical.

Cherished Hearts Vintage

Lovely photos. I’ve been debating about adding my stash of picnic baskets to my Etsy shop and this made up my mind. They look so lovely at a wedding, I’m sure someone would love to have them.


What a fabulous idea and so beautifully executed. I’m putting this in my ideas for our wedding anniversary party.


So sweet and beautiful!! The wedding has such a personal style, very classy and enjoyable all in its own way.


I have never seen anything like that.Perfect! It was realy too beautiful.It hadeverything.
Amazing.Greetings with heat&soul from Sil.


This is one of the most romantic weddings I’ve ever seen featured. So sweet and elegant! I actually got a little misty reading about it!


This absolutely has to be the most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen. My favorite thing in the world is a picnic, so what a lovely idea to do this at your wedding! Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

Lisa Cole

Truly charming and heartfelt. I’m currently planning my own wedding and am underwhelmed with all the slick, over-the-top wedding ideas out there — all shiny and perfect, but with no soul. Thanks for the great ideas.


thanks for introducing me to a fantastic new blog. loved everything about their gorgeous wedding!


ahh so awesome.. what an insane amount of vision she has. does anyone know where nick’s vest was from? love it!


This wedding is so perfect. I want to use found’s vintage rentals for my wedding now (whenever that is…). Thank you for sharing!

Julie K.

I always liked the idea of weddings somewhere outside, in the park or so and this one only doubled my enthusiasm for them. Everything looks so lively and sunny. And Danni’s friend Ruby is really clever, those flowers and lace decorations look fantastic. I am thinking about using those for my summer garden.


Interesting. I was nervous walking down the aisle. Not to be married, just the production of it. I think I’d be too jittery. That being said, the idea of having a big party and then ending with the anticipation of the big day sounds pretty amazing!

I love it when someone can approach a traditional idea like a wedding with a whole new outlook.


This sounds like a beautiful day. I love how the couple have personalised an event that to me seems so outdated and hideous! I hate some of the wedding traditions that no longer make sense. I love that you had the reception first because you wanted to! Everything in the photos is gorgeous- individual picnic baskets= pure genius! I wish I had a friend like Ruby! Congratulations to you both!


I love hear pics! You all are so creative and all the small details are beautiful! Where did you all get Nick’s clothing? I’m getting married in May and my fiancé loves his look. Thanks :)


What a pretty wedding! I think the reception before the wedding is super awesome (although personally I’m too superstitious to do it myself)!


I love the picnic idea, very charming! However, the lounge area and welcome table seemed like they should be in an Anthropologie store – while I love that look in a store, it seemed strange in such a natural setting. I agree with the earlier comment that called it overwrought. Too much going on, and very self-conscious. What’s up with the bookshelf with books arranged on it?