weekly wrap up + yellow owl workshop cards

I wanted to wrap up the week with pieces from the Gift Fair that stayed in my mind the longest: bust cards from Yellow Owl Workshop in San Francisco. I’m a sucker for neon anything, so these electric pink and blue cards from Christine were at the top of my list. Topped off with some pretty vines in their hair, and I’m sold. When these hit stores, I am stocking up, pronto. I can’t wait to send these off to my favorite ladies and “sirs.” Click here to check out more of Yellow Owl’s work online (these cards will be out soon, they debuted at the show), and stay tuned for more Gift Fair coverage on Monday.

I’m closing up for the day, so until Monday, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! xo, grace

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

Gloria D'Anna

I love gift fairs, there are always some amazing finds (and some you rather forget about). Love the look of those stamp sets in the pic.

Sharon in Chicago

FYI, the link to Biz Ladies is broken — and it’s such a good article I’d hate to have people miss it!

Emily Fitzhugh

oh my gosh! It is late here… I can’t wait till I can go through all those links tomorrow. You are awesome! Thank you. xo


Thanks for showing that Xeriscaping isn’t zeroscaping, a term that I find is a result of mis-hearing the correct word or misunderstanding. The “lavender” in the photo of the CS Demonstration Garden is Russian Sage but they also have lavender in other parts of the same garden. It’s a beautiful place. Xeriscaping has a wonderful range of possibilities and is simply a matter of learning about plants that are native or well adapted to the type of environment that you live in. Xeriscaping in the Southeast is going to look very different from Xeriscaping in the Southwest. Just a different selection of plants.


Ditto on the Yellow Owl Workshop – the new Print Workshop book is awesome! FYI, any fellow Portlanders out there, Christine will be at Powell’s Books a week from today (Sunday, Feb 4th)! I’ll definitely be there!