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we like it wild: inspired by earthy spring

by StudioChoo

This week’s color and texture palette was inspired by a photo-walk around our neighborhood. We strolled around noticing crinkled leaf buds, new flowers popping out and the remnants of winter (bare sticks and nests of briars) before they are covered with new growth. We took lots of images without having any particular theme in mind but quickly saw a pattern when we sat down at the computer to look at our shots. The typical pastel colors that pop up a bit later in the season were far from our minds as an earthier palette of deep reds, rust, yellowy green and cream emerged. We decided to create an arrangement inspired by this magically fleeting time of year that happens just before the vegetation gets too thick and bright colors fully develop. — Studio Choo

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Our inspiration photos include bright moss sprouted from wet brick, a delicate pricker vine, fallen camellia blossoms that have turned a beautiful rusty color, tiny emerging leaves, early blooming banksia rose and a rose bush with a fresh batch of red leaf shoots.

Our arrangement is made with a mixture of market flowers and backyard clippings. We wanted to showcase our earthy palette combined with the look of densely layered growth, delicate petals and unfurling vines and branches.

  • plum leaves (before they develop their signature dark color, they are a beautiful rusty red)
  • green and red ranunculus
  • poppies
  • purple hellebore
  • blackberry
  • echinacea pods
  • lichen-covered twigs
  • yellow hyacinth

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