top 5 apps for design lovers

My techy heart is so happy this morning because Kate did what I’ve been wanting to do personally for a while: she rounded up the top 5 apps for design lovers. I made a list last year, but that is woefully outdated now. Kate picked her top five and now, I have five new favorites. From apps that let you visualize your home layout in 3D to color-matching apps, she’s got a great selection. Click here to view the full post at the D*S blog on MyLifeScoop.

Cait @ Hernando House

I’ll have to try Sweet Home 3D, Floorplanner always makes me want to pull my hair out for some reason.

Moodboard looks awesome, but I don’t have an iPad.

maison marigold

THANKYOU Grace!! you have no idea what an important post this is for me…I’m a total ham when it comes to technology…but this article just gave me confidence…I hope it’ll be a huge help in my decorating business as well as blogging…You are just fabulous!!


thanks mm! so glad you like it- but i can’t take the credit- this is definitely all the handiwork of d*s editor kate :)



Thank you! I was just recently Googling “design apps” and “idea tracking apps”. It would be great to find an app similar to Evernote where you can jot down design or decorating ideas. Please update your favorite apps in the future if you find any more!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been searching for a great moodboard app all weekend and this was ridiculously good timing!