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Today is DIY day, and we have a slew of sweet projects coming up in preparation for Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t resist starting the day off on a sweet note with these handcrafted chocolate bars from Charleston company Sweeteeth. I first read about them on Joy’s blog and was thrilled to see them pop up on my door step from a good friend the other day. As much as I love a good chocolate bar (and these are good), I love a good package design. Sweeteeth’s bar packaging design (created by Fuzzco) is an adorable, vintage-feeling mix of imagery like zebras, bunnies and deer or butterflies and sea creatures (the images below are a special Valentine’s Day design). I really appreciate it when something that’s already tasty gets a dose of cute on the outside, as well.

And in a wonderful twist of the “it’s a small world” nature, it turns out that Sweeteeth’s co-owner Christina Vandiver worked with Barb from Knack (and our Before & After Basics column) to design her daughter’s bedroom furniture. I love when great independent artists in different niches come together.

You can check out more of Sweeteeth’s work (and their great packaging) right here, or view the video of them working in Charleston below. I can’t resist watching artists do their thing behind the scenes. xo, grace

Sweeteeth — White Chocolate from Taylor Vandiver on Vimeo.


These chocolates are adorably packaged and they sound delicious too! I’m particularly intrigued by the Peanut Butter and Chipotle flavor! Wish some of these would land on my doorstep for Valentine’s Day!


Thanks for the info about Sweeteh. I haven’t tried them, but the packaging looks so amazing, that I’m so tempted to go search for these chocolates. I love the designs!


oh my gosh – sweeteeth’s chocolates are delicious! Love their flavor combinations.


I live in Charleston and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE sweetteeth! the A’Chocolypse is a family favorite with the popping sugar and ginger….Thanks for featuring another great small business.


wowza-this chocolate looks shockingly good! The packaging really just sends it all over the edge. So much goodness!

Julia @ Mélanger

I have a weakness for packaging, too. This is adorable. Would sure have me reaching for a bar – or two!

The flavours sound interesting. Which I was near SC to be able to get some!


wow, lovely chocolate with lovely packaging design. Its cool, attractive and creative packaging design. I personally think that its attractive and it definitely attract the customer to peep in to the product. Nice work in packaging design.