stockholm design fair: greenhouse (part 1)

From BabyBjörns to Acne jeans, Ikea and H&M, Sweden is pretty much the modern design Mecca (and I’m saying that without an ounce of hyperbole). So when we were invited by the Swedish Institute to check out the scene at the Stockholm Design Fair, I pretty much ran to the passport renewal office (and at the risk of offending the federal government, let me just say that the appointment they make you get is totally superfluous). The trip was quick and the fair was absolutely huge, but I took my job to report back on the design scene seriously, so each day for the rest of the week, I’ll take you on a little photo tour of my favorites from Stockholm.

Literally every single person who knew I was going to the Stockholm Furniture Fair told me to not miss Greenhouse. So, I did not miss Greenhouse. Greenhouse is the exhibition of upcoming designers and student work held at the Stockholm Furniture Fair each year. I love seeing student work, so with 21 schools represented in one space, I was in total heaven. And while there might not have been as many espresso machines as in the main hall, the room certainly projected its own caffeine high. There was so much fun student/indie work that I had to split it up into two parts — Part 2 is coming tomorrow! — Amy A.

Image above: Bedding by Malin Akerblom

Image above: Handknotted carpet by Maria Sandberg

Image above: Shoe storage by Heidi Borthne (I want this! So practical for a tiny apartment with a shoe-obsessed owner!)

CLICK HERE for more student and indie design from Stockholm Design Week.

Image above: Floor lamp by SHE Design

Image above: Grow pots by Caroline Brahme.  The white collar is designed to capture and magnify the sun’s rays in the winter, and then by turning the pot, provide shade in the summer.

Image above left: Stool by Martin Vallin (this stool is a little tip-y — one of the legs is off the ground and was intended to be a cross between a milking stool and a rocking chair). Image above right: Stool by Johanna Nilsson

Image above: Sami Kallio Studio AB

Image above: Minimal workstation by Fredrik Paulsen

Image above: Bo Robert Ek

*Full disclosure: This trip was paid for by The Swedish Institute. We have always wanted to cover this show but unfortunately, have never been able to afford the trip. The Swedish Institute offered to cover Amy’s travel costs without any requirements for coverage or advertising, so we were thrilled and appreciative to be able to attend on terms with which we felt comfortable. xo, grace


oh man, oh man, i love sweden.
this is great – looking fwd to the other part(s) !


@Design Elements – And weren’t all the young designers super cute! xo


Grace, I love that you share your love of student work. As an Industrial Designer, i often miss that freedom and creativity that i felt as a student. I want that shoe organizer!! :D


thanks carolina!

it was a real treat to be able to send amy to this- she had a great time and i can’t wait to share all her coverage. :)



How great and exciting! I love Swedish design it is always so clever and humorous. The stool that is a cross between a rocking chair and a milking stool is amazing and I am so in love with the minimal work station! It is all great..can’t wait to see more.


Stockholm has beautiful designs in textile as well. Nice article, beautiful pictures, and fun to travel there from my office chair! Thanks


Fun to read about my homecountry from an outside perspective. Especially since all I am longing for is a trip to a warmer and sunnier place right now. But you achievied to inspire me to just take a trip to the capital and enjoy all the good and smart shops there is. Thanks!

Beth Lowe

I am planning a trip to Stockholm and Copenhagen early in October, do you have any advice about Must See things and places. I would appreciate your suggestions.