stockholm design fair: chandelier installation

It certainly says something about Sweden’s support for student designers that first-year design students were given the latitude to festoon chandeliers from the 1860s with mops. I’ve been raving about the student designers in Stockholm at the Furniture Fair all week (Part 1 and Part 2 here!), but this was the highlight of my time in Stockholm. I saw this installation at the Berns Hotel at midnight at the end of a day that had begun at 7am — but I was immediately reinvigorated at the sight of these massive chandeliers adorned with what at first glance looked like feathers. For this project, students attending the Beckmans College of Design’s undergraduate program in form design were given a tight budget and short time frame to come up with a way to embellish these historic chandeliers. The students were so bright and enthusiastic and creative — this was seriously the best part of my trip! — Amy A.

CLICK HERE for more of the chandelier installation and for information on purchasing the mops!

Image above: Berns salon, 1890

In the Beckmans College of Design Forms Department, there are only twelve students in each incoming class, which can have the effect of creating a little collective. When one student spotted these beautiful, white Italian mops at the hardware store, she immediately saw their potential as ornamentation for the chandeliers. When I was talking with the students about their work, it was quickly obvious that everyone had contributed something to making this vision a reality. And then they all stayed up for 24 hours to finish the project!

Image above: Each mop was soaked in flame retardant solution.

Image above: A test-run at school. Chicken wire “cages” were created to provide a frame for the mops.

Image above: The massive chandeliers were lowered and the work began!

Image above: If you’d like to support the work of the Beckmans’ students, they are selling these beautiful Italian mops — 4 for $40. To inquire, email: kajsa dot lindstrom at beckmans dot se


Beautiful, but thinking about all the dust that would be captured in that makes me want to sneeze!


This really makes me want to go back to design school! All nighters collaborating with classmates… ahhh…

We never got to work with such beautiful materials as these chandeliers though!


Hi Sue – The installation was only scheduled to be up for a week so not too much time to gather dust. ;) The students did a lot of work for a project with a short lifespan, but I think it was definitely worth it! -Amy


The combination of an ornate chandelier with a common object like a broom is both beautiful and thought provoking. This is the type of design that is exciting to me. I can’t help but think about economic class struggles here while also being completely drawn in by it’s beauty.


HA! That is amazing! I love it! I thought it was feathers at first too but I still think it’s really beautiful and such an interesting idea
Kate .x.


how marvelous! and somewhat Duchampian… Gwendolyn, what a great thought, working class meets high society, indeed!


Amy, I’ve been enjoying your coverage of the fair. I was there too and was also most impressed by the student work but my camera’s battery died before I could capture it, so I’m especially thrilled to have your images for documentation.

I hadn’t heard about this project by the first year students. It is incredible! And, yes, I agree with Kari, it is somewhat Duhampian. *a


Only the Italians would make such a beautiful, flouncy mop! Those chandeliers were gorgeous! What talented students to see the everyday world with new eyes. Loved this whole series.

Congratulations on being a full timer at d*s! I have always enjoyed your unique finds and fresh viewpoint on old treasures, love learning about the history…looking forward to more!