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by Grace Bonney

The times they are a changin’ around my house, and I think I have a new favorite color combination: navy blue and Hermes orange. I’ve always been more of a cherry-red and grass-green type of girl (or a butter yellow and gray lover), but this combo has been popping up everywhere lately, and it makes me wish I had a few Hermes boxes lying around (in my other life as an Upper East Side socialite) just for the pop of amazing orange color.

I’ve only been inside an Hermes store once to buy a Man of Honor gift for my best bud Bryan (he’s über fashionable), and I’ll never forget the overwhelming urge I had to throw a few empty boxes under my arm and bolt for the door. I didn’t even want anything to put in them; I just wanted the colorful boxes. So when I saw this image of Flor’s new “Sophistikat” floor tiles and the gorgeous stack of Hermes-style boxes in the back, I was in heaven. Something about this combination feels so sophisticated and classic, and it manages to straddle that line between masculine and feminine. I’ve always loved Flor’s tiles for spaces that need a dash of pattern, so this ikat style is a great new addition to their lineup. And hey, if you’ve got some gorgeous orange accessories to place near them, you know it’s going to look amazing. Click here to check out Flor’s Sophistikat tiles ($5.20/sq ft) and to pick up a few online. xo, grace

*Click here for some more ikat-themed pieces in my mini-trend roundup from a while back . . .

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  • I love, love, love this. Any idea where the table is from? The texture on it is fantastic….

  • I had to do a double-take because I would have sworn that was a rug for a second… but I absolutely love how the tiles make it look upon closer inspection.

  • Love this combo, and I have coveted the one hermes box I own! I use it in my decor, it is timeless in my opinion. Love that rug and color combo.

  • what an amazing rug! Ive been on a search for one for months – this one is perfect and combined with the orange hermes boxes is gorgeous

    (I know what you mean about hte boxes I cant get rid of any tiffany ones b/c they are just too pretty!)

  • That’s actually a decent price for for “rug” that beautiful. I’m in love with the chevron so if I bought it, I might only do 2 feet wide and make it several feet long. maybe for like a runner in an entry way? gosh, I love chevrons.

  • Love it! I’m planning my bedroom for my next apartment with navy blue, white, orange, and silvery gray on the walls. This post got me so excited! I can’t wait to move!

  • It does look like a rug at first glance..but if you look closely you can see the joint and that the pattern is a bit off on one side..doesn’t take away from the fact that the whole thing works perfectly. Is the console made of stone?…we have a sandstone console with identical texture and it is absolutely gorgeous.

  • I have these Flor tiles in my dining room and I absolutely looooooooove them! They are so versitile – you can switch up the pattern to just diagonals or you can do a diamond pattern as well. It’s the perfect graphic punch in a rug.

  • I love the bright orange, gorgeous :) I wouldn’t mind to have one of those boxes (and I wouldn’t mind at all if their was something in it ;))

  • I’m all for decorating my walls with my favorite shopping bags.. this display puts my bags to shame. I love this idea!

  • I’d also love to get some info on that table – does anyone know what the style is called, or where that table is from? To die for!!

  • oh look at me, i have so much money i bought all the stuff that came in all these orange boxes. middleclass avarice gone amok. (nice color combo though)

  • I love love love that rug!! You have no idea how badly I wish I could just throw mine out and get this one but I could never justify it since I spent so much on the one I currently have:( I love the navy/orange combination too, though am more obsessed with navy and emerald green (i love malachite patterns!) and I dream of one day owning an Hermes bar/tray table! Perhaps you can find a tray online for cheap:) Please let us know if you make a big change/leap in color palette!

  • First, may I say go Hoos!?:)
    Love this photo! Has anyone had problems with the Flor tiles leaving a residue? I’d like to put them over engineered wood. Thanks

    • Natalie

      Hmm…I didn’t doctor it, but you’re right, it’s different than the site’s version. I scanned in my Flor catalog page (which is why the colors are a little duller) so that could be it? Maybe they mocked it up differently for the web shoot?


  • @shannon rivers: I couldn’t have said it better. I do like the Flor tiles, though, and the photos are gorgeous. (Thanks for the link, Melissa!)

  • I am SO in love with this! I want everything in this picture…down to the last detail! Does anyone know where all the accessories are from? Thanks!