sneak peek: sarah hvass

This bright and playful Copenhagen home that artist Sarah Hvass shares with her husband and two children certainly reflects her whimsical illustrations. The home is located in Østerbro, Copenhagen, in an area called “the potato rows” — a small network of houses that were originally working-class three-story brick townhouses built in the late 1800s. Throughout the home, Sarah has balanced her love of color with a neutral backdrop — the white floors just make all that color pop! Thanks, Sarah! And thanks to Espen Sørensen for the lovely photos! — Amy A.

Image above: My worktable is from Italy. I fell in love with it because of the beautiful pattern that was created from tiny pieces of rosewood. The chair is made by my father-in-law, Johnny Sørensen, and is fun because we also have a miniature one.

Image above: The yellow lamps are designed by Anders Pehrson and are called “Bumling.” They actually used to hang above the ping-pong table in my boyfriend’s childhood home. (If you look closely, you can see that they are covered with small dents from the ping-pong ball.)

CLICK HERE for more of Sarah’s Copenhagen home!

Image above: My twin sister Line Hvass made this bedcover. You can turn it around and every triangle has its own colour. The painting is my own.

Image above: I love the textural effect of different kinds of wood. The drawer and the bowls are Danish designs from the sixties. Above hangs one of my paintings called “Fields.”

Image above: This old flower painting measures 230 cm. x 180 cm. It was supposed to hang in the living room, but when we got it home, it was too big to go up the stairs. Now it has to hang in the kitchen. It looks like it belongs in a castle, but I think it is funny to cram it into a small house like ours.

Image above: In every window we have a curtain in a different color. Lime, grass green, pink, wine red, purple, coral, turquoise, blue, etc. I choose all the colors, and they are in the same scale on each floor. When I ordered them in the shop, I asked the shop assistant whether he thought it was a good idea. He did not say he did not like it, but warned me that our neighbors might think we had started a kindergarten in our home.

Image above: This African mask we got from our family in South Africa. I just had to paint it fluorescent pink to really like it. But now I collect them and paint them in various colors.


omg, that aqua side table against the wall is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love all the colors in this house. Simply gorgeous!


Oh my, there is so much I love about this house. Thank you for sharing! Random bits of furniture married in the same space – just charming! I love the use of colour, and lots of wood.


AMAZING artwork and I love the fluorescent mask! She includes so many patterns and colors in her space, but it still has a clean, soothing vibe. How did she do that?


wow! so many amazing things. the beds were so lovely and the sink was to die for! thx so much for sharing and brightening up a gloomy office morning:)


I love the artwork throughout…so pretty and the reuse of the ping pong table lights is so cute and such a nice reminder of his childhood I’m sure!

Tanya Patterson

love, love, love this house! All of the bright colors speak the language of joy—-but, who would have guessed there would be a beautiful bathroom in all white? I’d love to know how the print in the first room was done—is it on canvas or fabric?


I absolutely L.O.V.E all of the pop of bright colors in her home….and her artwork is amazing too.


LOVE this design concept, it’s so colorful and fresh!!! Our apartment in France is 200 years old, and seeing this makes me want to white-out the walls with paint and art.. J’AIME!



that kitchen looks sooo inviting! i love that the house itself is very neutral and any/all pops of color come from textiles or accessories.

what’s the paint color of the walls behind the staircase?


I love the color in this house! Although if the backyard is their favorite part I would love to see pictures of that too!


I LOVE the dining table and chairs. Does anyone know who the designers are?


I am really drawn to the painting in the first picture–the one above the desk.

for sale???

Hannah G.


What fantastic colours! I love it! I love all the artwork too! Would look fabulous in my home. Must see if I can get one?

Would have liked to see a pic of the backyard though, as it is the thing she loves most about her home.


the link to sarah hvass above doesn’t work… i would love to see more examples of her work!


Love the combination of colors and styles. This is my favorite type of house – eclectic!

maison marigold

What a playful house…so pretty …the art is amazing…very funky…i’m loving the mix of furniture styles…also spotted an Indian blue silk and gold brocade throw( perhaps a saree) on one of the beds…a very unsual and striking detail!! thanks for sharing Grace! xx meenal

heather Bulmer

wow. what a beautiful colourful home. It makes such a change from the drab muted colours that are normally displayed at this time of year.



That first image with the juxtaposition of the antique desk, painting, lamp and chair is incredible. Seriously inspirational, an amazing house. You can tell an artist lives here.



I love the style of your house.
Please could you tell me what type of wood danish wood is similar to. I want to get the right shade for my worktop? I can brush danish oil but just need to know what type of timber wood to start with that looks most scandinavian.

Also what type of grey paint is the best for a scandinavian feel?

I understand if its mot possible to answer my questions!



Ah – I used to live on Webersgade – the end row of the ‘kartoffel raekkerne’, and this brings back so many memories of the space, lovely painted floors and house layouts – thank you for that, and for the glimpse into this house.


gorgeous!!! beautiful bright colors. i love the brown desk lamp in the first photo and the little hallway nook with the blue piece of furniture and all the frames above it. awesome & inspiring.

Lucie Taylor

I’m moving in! haha. I LOVE your house. I love the colors and general happiness that exudes from everything.


What a fun house! So many great unexpected elements and beautiful bright colors! Love seeing something new and different like this.


LOVE that blue and gold silk bedspread with the elephants!! where is it from? and i also love that bedspread your sister made– might have to attempt that one day =)


You had me at Copenhagen! Fabulous colours – and I’m usually a muted-palette sort of gal, but this I can get behind.

Yolanta from Happy to Make

It is an amazing house: so fresh, colorful, inspiring. I can feel the personality of the owner/designer in every room and it seems to be a very imaginative and playful, yet well balanced person.


Great artwork!
I love the style for wall colors, kitchen tools & furniture.
Lovely framed artwork at the children room!

StarR page

Insane, Insane! I LOVE this place! The colors, the furniture, the cleannessssss! the style,the health food factor
Just love the place!!


The homeowner says she loves her backyard the most, but it looks like none of those photos made it into the posting. I would actually love to see a sneak peak section purely on DIY landscaping. I think most people who love this blog would find it interesting, too.

Sarah Hvass

Thank you for all your friendly comments. It really means a lot to me.
I will try my best to answer them all.
(Elizabeth) I found the German flower painting in an antique shop on the island Funen, in Denmark.
(Tanya Patterson) The print you refer to is actually one of my paintings.
The title is “Fried eggs” and it is acrylic paint on an unpainted linen canvas.
(Sara) The wall behind the staircase has got a vintage wallpaper in bronze from Sweden.
(Analisa) Our dining table is from Hay. The chairs are designed by Rud Thygesen & Johnny Sorensen, produced by Magnus Olesen in 1972.
(Hanna) The painting in the first picture is unfortunately sold. I can send you an email with available pieces if you want.
(Jane) It is a bit difficult for me to point out what wood is typical Danish. We have many kinds of wood, but maybe oak. Regarding what shade of grey is particular Scandinavian I would say white:).
(Stephanie) The bedspread with the elephants is bought in Thailand. The bordeaux bedspread with the triangles is for sale. Just send me an email if any interest.
Hope this answers your questions – if not please let me know.
Concerning my backyard, I have not got any photos of it but I guess I have to take some and then see what I can do. I do not like hiding anything from you.


Congratulations! I love your paints, Where did you by the paint of the dinnig?

Sarah Hvass

@Isabel thank you. The painting in the dining room is my own artwork. The title is “Cirkus” and it is sold now.

Chip Hwass

Hi My name is Chip Hwass (Hvass). My daughter Sydney (18) was just admitted to Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida.

There are only 5 Hvasses in the US. We must be related because of the art. My ancients came from Aalborg, DK I like your work.


Sarah Hvass

Hi Chip. Thank you for your nice comment and congratulations with your daughter! It is possible that we are related, although there are a lot more people with our name in Denmark than in the U.S.