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sneak peek: morgane of les composantes

by anne

Morgane Sezalory is the founder and art director of Les Composantes, a French fashion brand that offers a new creation each month, as well as an exclusive selection of hundreds of vintage items. Morgane’s intention is to offer clothes and accessories that women have always wanted but have never found, such as the essentials: the perfect little black dress, the everyday bag or a good pair of jeans. Morgane primarily works out of her home in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, so she needed a place big enough to host her office and tons of clothes and boxes, but also a space with great light for photo shoots. She describes her style as simple but personal, warm and friendly, and one in which everything (except the sofa) has a history and story behind it, as she tries to bring back a little something from each flea market she visits around the world. You can click here for additional, full-sized shots of Morgane’s home. Merci beacoup, Morgane! — Anne

Image above: The bedroom is small; a lot of white and very relaxing. It’s like a little heaven, where nothing can happen in there! We decorated it with things from our childhoods and from our families. I love the two Lanvin perfume ads on the wall, my boyfriend’s wooden carousel and the Kelly/Hermès bag from my mom.

Image above: The living room is cozy, calm and bright. It’s not cluttered with too many things, but the right things. The big sofa is the perfect resting place. My favorite thing is the green chair I found eight years ago in a flea market in Digeon, which I think will follow me for the rest of my life!

Image above: In my office, I’m behind my desk most of the time. I do everything there: think/design/draw/cut/select/write/pack. It’s my little world. I really like my mood board, which I made with the back of an old painting. I put my ideas there as well as pictures of the people I love. It changes all the time, and I add/remove something everyday.

Image above: This picture perfectly captures the mix of who my boyfriend and I are as a couple. I have two trunks from “Capitaine Castets” bought at an auction.

CLICK HERE for more of Morgane’s Parisian apartment.

Image above: The kitchen is the heart of the flat. It’s convenient, bright and open, and it’s the perfect place to enjoy free time . . . and have breakfast.

Image above: I bought this cookie jar at a charity shop in London. It’s vintage. I love the size and the typography, and I use it for my pens on my desk.

Image above: In the kitchen: the three little illustrations on the bottom right were made for my boyfriend’s 30th birthday; each one represents an aspect of his personality.

Image above: Jean-Luc Godard’s  poster (favorite movie maker) and “my favorite thing” in the flat, the green chair. I can sit there and spend hours reading.

Image above: We love collecting photography/painting books and invite people to look at them when they visit. The candelabra is from my boyfriend’s grandmother. It’s really old, and we use it a lot; it gives a very nice atmosphere to the room. I love candles in general.

Image above: The perfect bookshelf, which comes from an old accounting office. We sort out our books very easily and don’t hesitate to keep our souvenirs there along with all the little things one never knows where to put!

Image above: The famous Chanel 2.55 bag given to me by my mom; it’s vintage, classical and beautiful. The necklace is from  a flea market in Taroudant, Morocco — it’s a perfect set of colors.

Image above: Shoes for inspiration. I love the colors and the details, and most of them are handmade — they’re amazing!

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