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sneak peek: judy kaufmann

by anne

Chilean illustrator Judy Kaufmann now calls Barcelona home. After experimenting in several styles of illustration and working in different design studios, she decided that freelancing from home was the way to go. The home she shares with French sculptor and boyfriend, Marc, is located in a modernist architecture neighborhood called Eixample in a building built in 1903. Both Judy and Marc are drawn to classic wood and craft-style objects, which they’ve been lucky enough to find on the street. It helps that Marc knows how to apply his skills to fixing up and treating every piece they find. You can see more of Judy’s home right here, and work from her here, here and on Etsy, and I just have to say that I think her famous guys series is the best ever! Thanks, Judy! Anne

Image above: Our room. We have all kinds of small cotton animals hanging on the wall that we bought on a trip to Bretagne, France. On my side of the room, I have this green tree print from my Etsy shop.

Image above: I found this green dresser in a second-hand shop. The store was filled with old and unsalvageable furniture. When I saw it, I took it immediately. I bought the wood soldiers in Benares, India. The poster is a design from Portable Design Studio for a Chilean play.

Image above: This is our living room where we spend most of the time. The red chairs, the lamps and the table are from the street. This long table was used for gluing paper. The mask was made by Marc. He works with recycled furniture from the street. The sofa is from Ikea, and it’s perfect for weekend afternoon siestas.

Image above: This wood bookshelf was made by Marc for our art books. On the right is the Frida Kahlo print, one of the characters I made for the famous prints collection.

Image above: At my desk, I have a color palette that helps me with prints and lots of different small illustrations, stamps and posters from different places and friends. The vase is a liquor bottle from Mallorca.

Image above: My collection of small cars. Since I can remember, I have been collecting small cars. I started this collection many years ago with my best friend in Chile. It’s a really happy collection that gives lots of color to the house.

Image above: This “cuisine” sign comes directly from Bretagne. As we don’t have a door in the kitchen, this sign is a perfect way to welcome people for good food!

Image above: I bought these wood soldiers in Benares, India.

Image above: This is an Ikea drawer where I keep my prints. It’s perfect in design and size.

Image above: Table in our room with two small portraits of us, a poster from Martin-Gropius-Bau Museum in Berlin and another mask made by Marc.

Image above: The entrance of our home. Above the fireplace is an animal sculpture made by Marc. The cyan vase is from Ikea, and the old furniture was found on the street.

Image above: This is a very old skate that we found in the street.

Image above: The terrace — one of the best places to be. Barcelona has at least 10 months of sun, so we love having a terrace where we can eat, read and be. The print is from our good friends Chipojo, also from Barcelona, and the table is an old sewing table also from the street.

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  • I’m redecorating my place right now and absolutely love the sneak peeks more than anything! The people place their color palettes always fascinates me, and the hints of colored glass in this home is so retro. Some needs to clone me the cactus in the second picture as well!!

  • love a house that’s been put together over time with items found on travels and collected through various sources, ie, the street, local artists, heirlooms, etc..repurposing and refurbishing found objects lends to the storied affect of the home and collection..
    beautiful images…

  • OK, you convinced me- I’m moving in…:-)
    What a beautiful house, great collections -specially i love the “cuisine” sign
    and all in the beautiful Barcelona

  • Questions!!!!! Where did you get that color palette (or drawing device) from; what is it’s brand? I’ve been looking everywhere for one! And I love that flip clock, what app is that?

    Soooooo curious, I’d love some feedback.

  • As a Barcelona native, I can certify that great street finds such as the ones in this post are not a rare occurrence. One of the many reasons why it’s such a great city :)

  • holy cow…i love this. that green dresser won me over completely! her style is so natural and calming…somewhere you can definitely call home and take off your shoes, you know?

  • I lived in Barcelona 3 years and I have to say that it was something remarkable…I´m planning to live there soon ;) ….it is an inspiring city for creative people.

  • Love this! Could anyone let me know who makes the electronic sketcher that is attached to her computer?

  • Ooo I used to have a collection of small cars but they were “stolen” when we moved house. I wonder if her collection is bigger than mine.

  • Jill: That color palette was made by a friend with the shades of the colors.

    Erin: The poster is from the Ikona Gallery (Venezia) from an exhibition about NYC.

    Maggie: That electonic sketcher for the computer is a Wacom Tablet used to draw directly to the computer.

  • Do you have any idea what the Ikea drawers are called? I’ve been looking for something like that to organize my papers for ages!

  • Such a great place…. I love the workspace. I need to get me a color palette now. :)

    For anyone wanting to know that screensaver is ‘FLIQLO – Flip Style Clock Screensaver’…. just search for that and you’l find it. I’ve been using it for a while.

  • Great style! I love the colour, the playfulness and I especially dig Marc’s sculptures. They’ve got such personality! I am considering moving to Barcelona simply to collect unwanted items from the street. Thanks for sharing Judy.

  • Who are these crazy people throwing such beautiful things out in the streets? I need to go to Barcelona for the next hard rubbish day!

  • Oh I love this home. Lots of lovely inspiring ideas and fab pictures. I’m so jealous of the street finds – we certainly don’t have anything lying around like that on the streets of Teddington!

  • This sneak peek was a delight, such talented people! Marc’s sculptures are treasures, he does so much with lines and leaves the viewer to do the rest. Judy has a color sense I wish I could capture in my home. Thank you, this was inspirational. Love the sneak peeks.

  • i love the red and orange blanket! is that a find from the street too or is it from a store the rest of us could peruse? :)