sneak peek: jennifer mcgarigle


Floral Art creator and designer Jennifer McGarigle lives in a 1920s Spanish-style bungalow in LA. In the course of the six years she’s lived there, most of the rooms have been renovated. While her Floral Art work aesthetic tends to be polished with clean lines, she likes her home a bit more eclectic with a blend of old and new pieces that combine texture and sleek lines. One of Jennifer’s goals for 2011 is to spend time on things that really inspire her, including further developing her Floral Art Home Collection, which will include working from home a few days a week. So having a soothing and relaxing environment at home is more important than ever (click here for additional images). Thanks to Jennifer, Alex for helping coordinate and Scott and Chris of Smith Nelson Photography for the shots! — Anne

Image above: The green dinning table was made for the room. The light fixture is from Shine. The wallpaper is from the Maya Romanoff collection. The buffet is Floral Art and features sepia peony images on it. The panels on this piece are adjustable, as well. The painting by Lynda Pizzuto. The flower wall art is Floral Art.

Image above: The living room is an eclectic mix of pieces that are mostly blues and greens. A few pieces are from my favorite store in Santa Monica, Weego Home. The Cherner chairs were one of my first purchases for the room, and the loud leaf-patterned sofa was re-upholstered.

Image above: Because it’s a small house, the front deck was made to add a feeling of spaciousness to the living room, not to mention more entertaining room. The pillows are from West Elm.

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Image above: This is a converted garage, and my favorite room in the house. It’s large compared to the other, smaller Spanish bungalow rooms. The chairs are vintage French from the 60s.

Image above: The back deck is where most entertaining takes place in the summer. I often move a long rectangular table under the Cecil Brunner rose arbor for these summer dinners. The chimney provides lots of warmth and adds coziness to these nights.

Linnéa - tre och en katt

The colors here are just amazing. I’ve never been a fan of brown but the green blends in so great here that I might need to reconsider. Thanks for giving me new ideas!


This has to be one of my favorite sneak peeks, everything about this place makes me think of spring! I love it!


Can I ask where the wood dining chairs are from? I am in the market and LOVE, LOVE them.


I am a huge fan of anything floral, but find it difficult to incorporate them without overwhelming my husband…the neutral tone and mix of styles of flowers in this home are great inspiration!


I LOVE how the deck flooring mimics the flooring in her house, it really does open up her living room area so much. This makes me want to stain my deck the same color as my wood floors…and buy a outdoor fireplace. Darling!


Loved the outdoor spaces! So cozy and inviting. I wonder if they use cushions on the seats of those iron chairs or only for back support?


Come do my house, please! That painting in the dining room is so beautiful. I love all of the wood and the green and the flow to the amazing deck.


Love the windows – where did the fantastic shades come from?


Is anyone else absolutely in love with the piece of grey/pink/multi-colored art seen in that first photo of the dining room? It’s divine!


The art on the wall in the dining room is stunning. Reminds me of a Judy Pfaff paper piece. Wonderful.

Leah Ashley

Fun and Ecelectic space!! This bingalow has got to be in the charming Venice area of Los Angeles where Mary and I live!! Love her store too! xo

sara @ the by & by

Where are the living room arm chairs from?? I’m looking for something classic with clean lines and something like those would be prefect – any help would be much appreciated!! {Btw, I love the idea of using a throw pillow verses a regular chair back!}


YES. That painting in the dining room drives me insane. I LOOOOVE IT. Definitely reminds me of Judy Pfaff too, Amma! She’s one of my favorites! Any idea who that painting is by? It is wonderful!!!!


where is the great round coffee table from? love love love the house


This informative blog post and lively photos is nothing short of inspirational. As a graphic designer, I don’t always have inspirations that are spot-on with style, rather I pick and pry many different elements. Jennifer Mcgargile, your home is a true dream! It feels exactly right, eclectic, spacious, inviting, and happy. Well done!

karen berg

I could almost smell those lavender pots. It made me feel so good to just look at these gorgeous photos. I LOVE that buffet. Very inspiring. What a lovely thing to look at in my email this morning!


Entire house is lovely!

Where did you get those great twin coffee tables?


I LOOOOVE this house. A great deal of whimsy and somewhat eclectic but well designed.

It’s also a refreshing break from the barrage of “thrifted or goodwilled” design of late.

Very Merry Vintage Style

I love the plants flanking the french doors, what a wonderful “neutral” that gray-green plant is. The five pots really make a statement. Lush, and you don’t have to worry about blooms. What type of plant is it?


Loooove the mixture of green and natural wood! fantastic!

PS. I now look forward to Mondays because of sneak peeks. ;D Thanks, D*S!


By the way, Lynda Pizzuto (painting in dinning room) will be having an opening at Floral Art on March 24th


Gorgeous! Was that rosemary in those pots? I can imagine it would smell divine! love the french 60’s chairs!


LURVE!!!!! The greens and browns, that is what I am trying to do to my living room. I want ever single piece of furniture. Scrap that, I want the house.


I really love your house. very unique in a feminine eclectic way. Love the patterns/colour combnations – I’m a fan of pattern.


The room looked nice and we have such a mess here(need new floor after water leak…
Can just planks of wood be used or is special flooring wood needed ?
Lynn D


Can you tell us about the large blue print/artwork in the living room? What is it? Who did it? Thanks!


Absolutely LOVE this! So fresh and bright. It’s eclectivity (is that a word?) is so spot on. I could move right in. Thanks.


I love the green dinning table. I have been thinking of redoing my table and I may just have found what I want now. Beautiful, thanks.

Bob Fryer / Pop! Ink Design Studio

Many pieces I’m in LOVE with…stunning work Jennifer!