sneak peek: debbie powell


Debbie Powell is a London-based illustrator with a love of printmaking and drawing by hand. Debbie’s recent projects include a Jamie Oliver kids’ cooking range, Carluccio’s restaurant and Walker touch-and-feel baby books, in addition to having just finished writing a children’s book. She lives in a two-bedroom Victorian townhouse in London’s East End that she shares with her boyfriend. While most of their furniture is thrifted or handed down from family, they both share a love for simple, functional pieces with a Craftsman quality. You can see more of Debbie’s home here, and her work here, here and on her blog. Thanks, Debbie! And a huge thank you to Tim Cowie for the photographs! — Anne

Image above: This is the view into our bedroom, which is tiny! We just about fit our bed and a chest of drawers in. The Welsh throw on the bed was found in a Salvation Army in Staten Island for $3. The pillow cases were my grandma’s and have a cool Egyptian print on them. The great light from the huge window, and a relatively small amount of furniture, make this the most relaxing room in the apartment.

Image above: This shelf is in our studio. I use it to hold all of my found objects and small bits that I find inspiring, so I can look at them daily. The small black sculpture was crafted by my dad from Dorset shale and is my continuous profile — our take on the famous sculpture of Mussolini’s profile, “Profilo contino del Duce.” The moon calendar is from The Rendij Studio.

Image above: This is our kitchen, which is separated from the living room by folding wooden doors. The doors are always kept open, so we hang mobiles and plants from the archway.

Image above: A paper crane mobile hangs in the bedroom.

Image above: Our kitchen table is classic 60s Formica and is another hand-me-down. It often doubles as a desk when I want to work and watch TV shows! The two Thonet chairs were thrifted for £1 each!

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Image above: We love fruit! The coffee table was my grandma’s.

Image above: Our living room. The wooden chair is a hand-me-down; it was given to my grandma by a friend in New York. When my family moved to England, they took the chair with them and now it lives with me in London. I have no idea who made it, and I would love to find out one day! We use the original wooden shutters instead of curtains in our great bay window.

Image above: The notice board in our studio holds a lot of inspiration! The images get changed around fairly regularly and often make up a mood board for my current projects.

Image above: The bookcase in the living room doesn’t just house books but Egyptian statues, too!

Image above: This is a peek into our tiny bathroom.

Image above: Above the dresser in the bedroom hangs my jewelry. I have recently begun making handmade jewelry with my sister and dad under the name Rah and Rah, and these are just some examples of our work.

Image above: Last year I took a short pottery class locally, and this bowl is one of my pieces. I’m hoping to do more pottery work in the coming months!

Image above: This is our messy shelving in the studio. Our apartment has no built-in storage, so we have to fit everything into limited space. The shelves hold books, files, photo albums, a projector, records . . . all sorts of things! On the top shelf, you can see a pottery turntable, a 2009 Mociun+Corwin calendar, a framed painting and a basket holding all kinds of papers.

Image above: Here are some Dad-made carving tools and Debbie-made pots containing Rah and Rah beads. All handmade by the Powells!


Oh wow – what incredible taste! I Have that same moon calendar, and mociun and corwin calendar too :) Nice home.


Love the colors in the origami mobile! It reminds me of a project with colorful rhino heads I’ve been working on for our bathroom.


All of the hand-me-downs are beautiful. It seems like great taste runs in the family! And there’s something so comfortable about the living room. I want to sit and read books all day next to that window.


Where is the bathroom cabinet from? That’s just what I’m looking for!

Megan Page

I love the moon calender and will be buying one asap! You should submit the picture to his blog =) Great taste by the way…loved everything!

Elise Delfield

THANK YOU for showing a house with handmade pottery! It seems all the other ‘sneak peaks’ were so ‘clean’ in their design that if there was a ceramic pot in the picture, it was a white, molded pot from industry. (Sorry Jonathan Adler, I love you, but you’re industry now). I live with handmade pots, both mine and others – and it may not all match, but boy do handmade pots bring life and joy to my world!
I am so glad Debbie was proud to use and show off her handmade pots!!!!
Thanks again!



i totally understand your point and appreciate your comment. i just wanted to leave a quick note as someone who’s felt very lucky to see the working process behind jonathan adler’s pottery- they’re definitely still designed by jonathan himself and he throws all the prototypes himself, by hand, in their studio. while it may be sold in stores across the world, it’s still a small company that is run by real people who appreciate and care about handmade work. i keep hearing people calling jonathan all sorts of things that aren’t true and wanted to share that just so it was out there ;)


Debbie Powell

Hi Everyone,
Just to say thanks so much for all your lovely comments!
Marlo – sorry to say I have no idea where the bathroom cabinet is from…our landlord put it in before we moved in.


oh can i move in…??
i love the details, the bed throw, the armchair, the bow-window….
it’s not too much, not overly-deisgned, just perfect.
it’s a real beautiful HOME.
love it so much.

Elise Delfield

Thanks for enlightening me about Mr. Adler. I have heard him talk about his hand in the work and I did not mean to bad mouth him or his company – I really love what they make! However small his company is, though, it is no longer ‘handmade.’ I wonder how many interior designers are out there that primarily use handmade items to decorate. One thing that comes to mind was the 2008 Handmade House
What a fabulous project that was!
Thanks again for your blog!

Patricia Thomas

So beautiful! I love the moon calendar. What kind of hooks are you using to hang it. I would love to know.


This home warms my heart. Every item has purpose and meaning. Especially love the blue Welsh overshot coverlet – wish I could be so lucky when shopping at the Salvation Army!


I all i can say is WOW, love the aesthetic and handmade lovelys, something I subscribe too, that chair has danish lines, very nice! :)