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sneak peek: anna campà & gerard calm of zoo studio

by anne

Zoo Studio is a multidisciplinary design studio located near Barcelona, Spain, that is owned by graphic and interior designer Gerard Calm. Today’s sneak peek is into the loft he shares with writer and translator Anna Campà. Located in a quiet village, this loft was formerly an attic where Gerard used to play as a kid when he lived on the lower floor of the building. It took a lot of work to turn this former 42m2 storage space into something livable. The goal was an industrial look — all white, open space and exposed beams with the inclusion of some vintage pieces to add contrast. With white as the base color, black and gray become accents, alongside some touches of color. Click here for additional images and to see how the spaces fit together. Thanks, Gerard and Anna! — Anne

Image above: The cupboard on the left is simple and dark. It has a layer of slate, so we can write on its doors and erase it easily if we want. In this picture, we wrote what we keep inside: food, spices, tools, cleaning stuff. . . . The boudoir on the right belonged to Anna’s great-great-grandmother. It’s around 100 years old, and now it has become our gin-and-tonic bar. We put some Post-its on the wall in the shape of space invaders.

Image above: The kitchen combines white and black, following horizontal lines, which gives a sense of width. The two paintings were painted by Gerard, who is a fan of Mondrian and his simplicity. The Lois mirror is from a US shop from the 70s. It was a gift from a professor to Gerard when he was studying design. The Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer is from Italy, and was bought online. We like its industrial lines.

Image above: Below the shelves there is an antique printer’s drawer from the 1940s. Anna’s father had a printing workshop, [which is] where we got it. We worked hard to restore it because it had darkened with time and was dirty from ink and powder and from the pieces that it had contained (which we also kept as a souvenir). We stuck the word “EXIT” on the door. We don’t want our guests to get lost in such a big home! Gerard designed the typography, and we also used it on the bathroom door, [where it says] “I AM INSIDE.” The switches are new, but they are ceramic, like the old ones.

Image above: In the bedroom, everything is personalized. The Capitoné headboard was custom made by an upholsterer, and Gerard’s mother sewed on old buttons that we got from a shop on clearance sale. They are white, gray or black, but all different. Gerard’s mother loves to sew, and she made the patchwork bedspread and the cushions. The bedspread is reversible (see below for the opposite side). She also made the cushions for the sofa in the living room. As this part of the loft has lower ceilings, we covered the beams with white foam and felt to avoid banging our heads on them when we get up in the morning.

Image above: The table and the chairs belonged to Gerard’s grandparents; they are from the 60s. They were originally natural wood, but we painted them black and upholstered them with different fabrics. The shelves are white with thin separations, and the spaces are progressively bigger from left to right and bottom to top. We like the character of the spider lamp. The Post-its on the right side (it is a wardrobe) were part of our Christmas decorations. We used 1,024 colored Post-its, which took quite awhile to create.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Anna and Gerard’s sneak peek after the jump!

Image above: The bedside tables and the necklace organizer are all handmade. The white letters on the table are the handles. They are customized: on Gerard’s side, they mean “underpants and co,” and on Anna’s side, “panties and co.” The necklace organizer was made with two wood boxes of wine and champagne that we lined with fabric. The Hill House chair by Charles Rennie Mackintosh was also bought online from Italy. Gerard designed a window on the ceiling of the bedroom, which gives a romantic allure to our bed.

Image above: The stainless steel table in the bathroom — unibody, simple and thin — was designed by Gerard. The washbasin is a natural stone that had fossils. Its organic and natural sense contrasts with the industrial, cold steel of the table. The classical black mirror also follows the predominant colors in the house. We have some extra natural light in the bathroom through the elongated window.

Image above: Thanks to the big glass wall (5m x 2m), we have natural light during the day, and we can enjoy the views. We chose a low sofa that does not block the views. We have a warm and sunny 8m2 terrace, and from spring to autumn it is where we eat, read and relax.

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