simply color: juliet totten

Juliet Totten from Poppies and Posies lives in New York City along with her sister, Ellen. Juliet is a collector, and many of her favorite objects come from her grandparents. When she was little, Juliet’s family lived in Syria, which explains the gorgeous textiles around her apartment. The eclectic décor in her room is brilliantly pulled together with a soft color palette and beautiful white-brick walls. The space looks so refreshing and comfortable! — Lauren

A. Simple Blue (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 658; B. Sandstone Cliff (Behr), PMS Warm Gray 2; C. Summer Sigh (Valspar), PMS 344; D. Peach Encounter (Valspar), PMS 155; E. Autumn Arrival (Behr), PMS 163

1. Weathered Wood Hanging Strand, $19; 2. Ikat Insignia Pillow, $68; 3. Wilma Bench by Donna Wilson, $875; 4. Petite Pinched Vase, $14; 5. CoCo Cabana Chair, $189; 6. Australian Merino Sheep Skin Rug, $60; 7. Holga 35mm Camera, $48; 8. Airplants Grab Bag, $14


It’s so cool that you did this, because I just ordered Judy’s Woody Allen Print and I’m waiting for it to arrive!


Beautiful, soothing colors. I love that there’s always a neutral to ground the others. You must have been feeling our February (cold) blues!

Buffalo Beaux

Oh! so airy and soft and quirky! I love everything about it. Particularly that octopus pillow! anyone know where that little gem comes from?