paul price: signs of affection

Here’s a quick bit of afternoon eye candy: colorful “Signs of Affection” from graphic designer Paul Price. Wandering by one of these on a cold afternoon sure would be a cheerful surprise. I’m hoping Paul’s work somehow makes it over to the gray Brooklyn streets in my area, so I can stumble upon “Your Hair Looks Dashing.” That would totally make any bad day feel like it was taking a turn for the better. Click here to check out more of Paul’s work online. xo, grace


I think every neighborhood needs to know their hair looks dashing! I’d also love to have these hanging around my office. Clicking here!

Fine Life

Every town should be required to post these. I smiled just reading them. Coming upon one in the street would be good for the soul!


oh i adore these. would definitely help in brightening up my day! checked out his site – i love his work. very talented.


i love this work…”future, I used to love you” is my favorite, by far…those are awesome..


these are SO fun – i love the ones on his site as well, especially “don’t worry, everything is going to be amazing”. great find!!

Shema John

Cant express how much in love I am with these signs. Brings in joy and a smile to the lonesome urbaner…..the spirit and the the art work is so worthy and wonderful and inspiring enough to soften the hardest.


Yeah this is almost exactly Steve Powers(Espo) Philadelphia love letters mural projects. Same idea, same retro fonts.