mr jones watches

I’ve never been much of a watch person. I am, however, married to a major watch-lover. AC loves watches the way I love swatches, so I understand and appreciate the urge to collect them. And if I was going to start wearing watches, these designs from Mr Jones Watches would be at the top of my list. The little red touches and sweet quotations are just enough to make them feel special (and perfect for Valentine’s Day) but classic enough for everyday use. Click here to check out their full selection and shop online (the prices average around $150 to $175 each). xo, grace


I am in love….with these watches. All of them. My fave is the “Love does not know what time it is” makes my little fashion heart pitter patter.


mmm uh oh. these are VERY nice. love the cyclops on website… multi color polka dots!