morihata international

There are no words for how awesome the Morihata booth at the Gift Fair was. It was jam-packed with the sort of simple-but-beautiful things that I love so much but that my camera can never seem to do justice. Every piece I picked up seemed to serve such a simple but useful function and do it with a perfectly refined style. I had a hard time picking a favorite, but if I had to, I’d say it was a two-way tie between the brass hook and trivet collection and the adorable whale letter-openers (how awesome are those?). Although those light-as-a-feather wooden cups below would be a close runner up. Click here to contact Morihata about purchasing (you can also visit their shop in Philadelphia and their¬†online store) or to find a retailer near you that will be carrying these pieces soon. xo, grace


Always one of my favorite booths at the fair! I want all the scissors they stock! Thanks for recognizing them.


yay! i love yuka and kaz and everything they carry…it is always so beautiful each and every time


I love the whale letter openers. I’d love to get one for my father’s birthday (we have a special father-daughter history with sperm whales), but alas, but as I live in Belgium, this might get a bit difficult :-(


Are the knives only available in stores? I have a whale obsessed boyfriend we’re moving into a new apartment soon, and that would be the perfect housewarming gift.