modern-twist studio trivetz

I love when people from different areas of the design world collide. These beautiful trivets (which debuted at the Gift Fair) are a collaboration between Modern-Twist and the team from Nervous System. I’ve been obsessed with Nervous System’s jewelry for a while, so to see it come to life in the home category was so fun. Each of these trivets serves a dual function as a pot holder and can be joined together to create a larger heat-safe surface for big pots and pans. I love the range of colors they come in, and I’m half tempted to see them arranged along a wall like a plate collection because they feel so organic. Click here to check out the collection online and place an order (these just debuted, so shipping begins in April). xo, grace



i don’t have any details yet, but i’ll email kat for more. i believe the previous ranges were a silicone hybrid (which MT explains is “Free of BPA, lead, latex, phthalates + other harsh chemicals”) but i’ll try to get some more info :)


Truth be Told PR

The contemporary Trivetz are made of FDA approved food-grade silicone, heat resilient to 675 degrees and are skid and slip resistant; making it ideal for every surface. Similar to all items carried by Modern-twist, the trivet is 100% recyclable, non-porous and features a germ-free surface. In addition, all Modern-twist products are free of BPA, lead, latex, phthalates and other harsh chemicals. :)


The teapot is called the Curve Teapot, and you can buy it on Amazon, but I’ve also seen it in several tea shops in the Seattle area.


Those are lovely, and it is so difficult to find nice trivets these days. They look very similar to my favorite silicone trivet & coasters made by Eusamex in Europe, and known as Images d’Orient. These are wonderful (I have 2 trivets and a set of coasters) and last forever. I highly recommend them, if you can find them for sale:


What brand/size is that pan? I’ve been looking for one with a light interior that is small like that…?


Thank you Emma for praising Images d’Orient brand. I am the designer of these items and it’s always sooo nice to hear good feedback from the work we do with love.