magma fireplace

Good morning everyone, and happy Valentine’s Day! Since today is all about celebrating loved ones and soaking up warm, fuzzy feelings, I thought I’d start things off with something else that makes you feel warm — fireplaces. While I’m usually someone who prefers more traditional, worn-in fireplaces, this dramatic “Magma” fireplace from Flying Cavalries’ Fireplaces in the UK is just fantastic. Inspired by volcanoes, the Magma fireplace has a layered design that reminds me of those beautiful sea-floor maps you used to see at marine science museums growing up. My favorite part of this modern fireplace is that the table itself can act as a functional coffee table when the smokeless, ethanol fire unit is not in use. Click here to see more of the Magma in action or to contact Flying Cavalries about purchase. xo, grace

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I’ve never seen anything like that! what a cool idea. I don’t know that I’d ever have one like that but it is an inspiring piece. I love layers.


That might be one of the coolest things I’ve seen. I want to borrow the brains of the person who designed it…


Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous. We just ordered a wood stove that I know I’m going to love but the colors on this piece are amazing. Can it work on a patio outside too?

Raven Pitts

I like the way this design’s colors compliment each other and the overall pattern. It would work with a plain white room or a colorful one, either way, it’s just gorgeous to have around!