living in: sleepless in seattle


As much as I wish I could fight it, it’s undeniably Valentine’s Day season. While I generally fall into the bah humbug category, I figure if we’re going to do it at all, we’re going to do it right. That’s where Sleepless in Seattle comes in — hands down the most gushy, romantic, gag-inducingly sweet chick flick ever centered around Valentine’s Day. Fess up, you liked it, too.

1. Eli’s Mail Order Tiramisu, $64; 2. Heart Pendant, $80; 3. Muji Umbrella, $14; 4. Hunter Wellies, $110; 5. Erector Empire State Building, $60; 6. Crosley Kitchen Phone, $178; 7. Crosley Radio Duet, $54; 8. Fjällräven Backpack, $40; 9. Kallisto Teddy Bear, $76

In 1993, Meg Ryan was basically the quirky girl’s ideal — pretty, smart and just wacky enough to make boys weak in the knees. She also rocked a vintage kitchen and a pair of highwaisted trousers like no other, all undeniable points in her favor, so it’s no wonder that Tom Hanks fell for her right away. Even if I’ll be sitting this Valentine’s Day out, I’ll be sure to channel a little Sleepless in Seattle in the off-chance that I’ll need to make a midnight dash up the Empire State Building. It never hurts to dream, right? — Amy M.

1. Vintage Pink Canisters, $40; 2. Green Band Cup and Saucer, $10; 3. Marble Green Apple, $10; 4. An Affair to Remember, $14; 5. Crosley Nomad Radio, $40; 6. Cast-Iron Skillet, $33; 7. 1930s Deco Ring, $2,500; 8. Airmail Envelopes, $1/set of 20; 9. Miu Miu Cotton Boyfriend Pants, $380; 10. Northstar 30″ Range, $4,595

maison marigold

One of my all time fav romantic flicks..Don’t these two make a lovely couple…i felt the same about them in ‘you’ve got mail’.


The heck with true love – I’ll take that houseboat in Seattle, complete with the egg chair in the boy’s room!


This is such a great movie, but An Affair to Remember is even better. I really do cry at the end, every time, just like Rita Wilson.


So exicited to find this movie featured! I’ll always stop to watch it if it’s on TV.

I think this was Meg Ryan at her prettiest <3

Katie @ Chai Thoughts

I love anything Meg Ryan-related. She is just perfect. Thankfully, the husband is willing to watch rom-com’s with me! Maybe we’ll watch one this weekend for Valentine’s day.


This may just be my favorite film based on another favorite film! It’s just so lovely.


love love love love love this movie!!! Thanks for doing a Living In for Sleepless In Seattle!

Especially loved this bit: “I figure if we’re going to do it at all, we’re going to do it right.” LOVE!


I literally watched Sleepless (my favorite movie of all time, and I swear I’m not usually a chick-flick kind of girl) and thought that Design*Sponge should do a “living in” post!

Thanks for doing this!


Oooooh! Can you do their other great movie, You’ve Got Mail?! New York in the fall… boquets of sharpened pencils…


I think I’ve only seen Sleepless once or twice, but I really love all of the picks here! I’ll have to watch it again to check out Meg’s kitchen. I love the canisters and the radios! (BTW the prices are switched on the Crosley phone and the Duet)


Yay! I was wondering when this movie would show up here ;) One of my favorites. And double Yay! because I’m moving to Seattle in 2 days :D

I would love to see Living In feature Atonement or Edge of Love. Just a thought.


“In 1993, Meg Ryan was basically the quirky girl’s ideal — pretty, smart …:

Actually, her characters usually were not smart. They were of so-so intelligence and insecure. I was pleased that in an interview when it was pointed out that she played journalists, Ryan said that she always played “WEAK journalists.”

Needless to say, Ms. Ryan, who I like, may be a Mensa member for all I know. I’m talking about the parts she played.


I love these “living-in” features you guys do! And I just love that old-school red phone in the first item set. So fun!


HAHA, i love that you included the tiramisù !! :)
also, the fjällraven packpack is lovely in this color…

cheryl oz

This is one of my all-time favorite movies. I’m going to pop a big bowl of popcorn, snuggle up with my favorite pups in my pjs (my hubby is out of town) and watch it tonight!

britt barney

wow!!! so impressive! how did you find all of these? i seriously want to order all of these delightful goodies right now! not to mention sleepless in seattle is the all time best movie evER!


Yeah, bah humbug! But I just can’t resist Tom and Meg in a movie together. For Sleepless in Seattle I’ll forget I have a reputation to protect :)


love this! ! but for the record I DO live in that pepto biz pink kitchen and it is NOT PRETTY :(


i love that!

p.s. i just read your really insightful blogging etiquette post & was wondering…do you get written permission from the movie studio for the rights to publish these movie stills?


It is funny how things change. When I was little living in Sweden the children who had a fjällräven backpack as a school bag was seen as a kind of a dork. Now the same bag is very trendy.

Katie A.

This has long been my favorite movie, i cannot repress it, and I love that y’all chose to feature it on account of valentine’s day!! LOVE!



Great question- we don’t get written permission because most of these stills are made public by the the studio’s public relations team. You can get high res versions, etc via paid outlets (Corbis, etc) but we’re fine to use the standard release low res images. But if you ever have a hard time getting stills, you can always email the production company’s press department (it may take a while to get a response) to request stills. I think of them like product pictures- most of the time the studios are thrilled (the same goes for TV shows, too, which we’ve covered with free stills) to have the positive coverage and links.


Sophie Delphis

Maybe I shall see this movie after all… I generally eschew these types, but your beautiful post has convinced me to give it a chance.


Amy, I think you should know that this series is my absolute favorite on D*S. Your picks are always spot-on, beautiful, and well-rounded. The presentation is beautiful too. If I don’t know the movie or whatever that you’re featuring, I usually want to run out and get it after seeing your feature. Wonderful work! Keep it up!


This is my favorite chick flick! We always listened to the soundtrack at my house and I’ve seen the movie at least 50 times


I love when you do these. One of the most creative series I’ve come across. Do you take requests? If so, I’d love to see your take on Buffalo ’66. I think it would fit right in.


Can anyone source the painting behind Tom Hanks (sitting on the bench w/son)? I was watching SiS on cable and loved the painting but couldn’t find out anything about it.

lyndsey @ the stationery place

AH! sleepless in seattle is my favorite movie of all time, so glad you included it! my husband even proposed to me at the top of the empire state building thanks to this movie [sappy, i know].

“what’s tiramisu?”
“you’ll figure it out.”
“what if some woman wants me to do it to her and i don’t know what it is?”
“you’re gonna love it.”

Karen Baruth

My favorite chick flick! I loved how the music tied into the story so perfectly. My favorite scene is when Tom’s sister/wife starts quoting “An Affair To Remember” bursting into tears, then the boys mimic her. So funny!


Such a great movie. It’s a tie between this and You’ve Got Mail for gorgeous Meg Ryan & Tom Hanks movies for me. I created a print for Indie Fixx’s Lovely Printable supplement with Joie magazine based on a line from the final song in this movie: “Make someone happy, make just one someone happy, and you will be happy too.” Too right!


… “Sleepless in Seattle” and “An Affair to Remember” are my two favorites … and I moved to Seattle a few years after seeing it … about that boat ride from houseboat on Lake Union to Alki beach in West Seattle, couldn’t happen but who cares! … next favorite, “French Kiss” – all have great soundtracks!


LOVE that movie, watched it again today thanks to your lovely post, makes me feel all valentinsey.


When I saw Sleepless in Seattle listed, I hoped I would finally get a resource for Tom’s umbrella. I have searched for years trying to find one with more than 8 sections.

Does anyone know of any sites to try?

This is a wonderful service and I read each one, remembering the look and feel of each film. Thank you for doing these.


After reading this post, I immediately went home and watched this movie :) Truly, it is the only thing I like about Valentine’s Day!

Abigail Kiefer

Love this collection! This movie has stood the test of time (all 18 years…), but it has given me faith that there are still great, classic romantic movies to be made!


This is a fun one & I admit I watched it on Netflix Instant about a month ago. Hanging head in shame.

Re: the stills & permission. Many are screenshots, it seems to me. These aren’t the ones released.


Just saw this wonderful movie again last night – looooove it in so many ways. Serious question, though.

Quoting “Steve” (February 9th, 2011), Can anyone source the painting behind Tom Hanks (sitting on the bench w/son)?


And What about the bench???!! I’d love to have it in my home … Do you know the name or something? I think i’ve seeen it in some other movies … Don’t you?