living in: diner


Maybe I’m biased, being a lover of both Baltimore and endless cups of coffee, but Barry Levinson’s Diner is practically perfect. A group of ambling college-aged gentleman tease, taunt and terrorize their way through Charm City in 1959, and it couldn’t be more of a treat. I always joke that everything I’ve learned about boys, I’ve learned from watching Diner.

1. Will Return Clock, $5; 2. Baltimore Colts Pennant, $25; 3. Diner Accessories Set, $44; 4. The Hill-Side Necktie, $83; 5. Bakery Cake Plate and Cover, $29; 6. Franco Sarto Wingtips, $41; 7. Vintage 1950s Bar Stools, $800 each; 8. Ashtray, $54; 9. Diner Coffee Mug, $5

The Fells Point Diner is the group’s home base, and it makes one nostalgic for a time when you were able to stay up till dawn eating French fries with your best friends. Nowadays, I get yawny at 10pm, and French fries are on the “special occasions only” list, so I live vicariously however I can, even if it means an extra swipe of red lipstick and another cup of coffee. — Amy M.

1. Mulberry Swing Coat, $1,016; 2. Popcorn Container, $19/pack of 100; 3. Curling Iron, $24; 4. Solitaire Engagement Ring, $425; 5. This is Sinatra! Vinyl Record, $29; 6. Hotline Phone, $48; 7. Revlon Lipstick in Ravishmere, $5; 8. Petrie Sofa, $1,599; 9. Retro Turntable, $128


every month i treat myself to one of the movies presented here – this is very likely going to be the next one…


I love D*S for so many reasons, and now I have Diner set to watch tonight on Netflix. It’s been too long. Thank you!

Karen Longo

Love, love, love this movie! I haven’t seen it for quite a few years, so I will have to go and rent it now! Remember when Mickey Rourke was gorgeous? Now I have a craving for french fries with gravy, and want to watch a huge man eat the “whole left side of the menu”.

ashley P

Its so cold in Denver my knees are freezing! I’m heading over to itunes right now to see if I can hunt this movie down!! I can’t wait to learn more about boys!!! ;)


completely forgot about this movie…I so loved it and how cute were those boys back then.

Anna @ D16

Oh my god! Mickey!! <3 <3

I haven't seen Diner in years, but this post is taking me back in a big way. Thank you!!

Gotta see if it's on Netflix…


Love this movie. Grew up near Baltimore and Fells Point and the BALTIMORE Colts were my life. Before the Colts packed up in the middle of the night and moved to Indy. Should have changed their name to the Snakes. No, I’m not TOO bitter! At least Fells Point is still there and still awesome!


Awww! Diner is one of the few movies my father will watch over and over, and one of the many movies he loves that Mom hates. So growing up, it always meant a night of me and Dad alone time – hard to get in a busy family. Thanks for making me smile!


Just a note the “will return clock” from urban outfitters is a pretty poor product guaranteed not to work – the mechanism is extremely cheap and it’s not worth exchanging ad infinitum!


Dear Amy, you are my movie twin. :) And your late-1950s picks are adorable. (And I must see this movie—done at a time when Mickey Rourke was still hot-looking!)


I love your ‘living in’ posts, they’re so good!

I love American diners too… This post makes me want to live in the 50’s!

scott carberry

“Diner” is a great American movie. Of course, I’m biased, I’m from Baltimore and essentially every character in the film is someone that i know or knew. This is Barry Levinson at his most pitch perfect.

Eden Baby

Your “living in” section has to be my favorite part of your blog!! It’s such a unique idea… I love the movies you post about and the items you pick out. I haven’t seen Diner so I am off to rent it today!! Thanks for sharing ;)


i love diner. and baltimore really is “charm city”. i’ve been reading your “living in” posts since you started them and have to agree with the posters above, it really is my favorite section of this blog!

Ricardo Martinez

Dear Amy Merrick, it would be very nice if you do a Living In…”Umbrellas of Cherbourg”