hatchworks austin

I spend so much time thinking about the inside of homes that I rarely take time to think about the outside. It could be the byproduct of living in an apartment and not having an outside to call my “own,” but seeing these cheerful home exteriors from Hatchworks in Austin, Texas, make me long for a front porch to paint. Founded by husband and wife Adam Talianchich and Ashley Menger, Hatchworks builds small custom homes with a unique twist. I love their colorful interiors, but the exteriors and the playful fencing really caught my eye. I imagine it would be uplifting to come home (or start your day) in a house that had a bright orange belt around it. You can click here to check out Adam and Ashley’s first few projects online. They’re still getting started with their new business, so I can’t wait to see what they do next. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing some cool things from them in the years to come. xo, grace

I love these doors!


Immediately reminded me of my curb appeal ‘to do list’ – I cannot wait for spring! (never mind the snowstorm outside..)
This is really lovely, the stripe & colors are great and those doors are so beautiful!!


Love the doors and the fence! The house stripe is cool too…but maybe a different color. UT orange is not allowed in my family. ;)


I love the light blue with the orange accents, and you’re right, those doors are so cool.

I would really love to see DS have a little small space gardening section. Please, please, please!


Those doors are so cute! I love how the homes they build don’t always scream “new.” They already look a little lived in…but in a good way!


Amazing! The doors are my favorite. The portfolio on their website rocks.


Lovely….I love a great porch and even more a great set of porch steps, for some reason that makes all the difference to me. These are perfect.


I live in Austin and have NEVER seen this! I’m going to have to do an ever so sneaky drive by sometime soon. And Melissa – don’t be dissing UT Longhorns! They are my boys (even when they have horrible seasons :(


I am now completely enamored with this little company. I wish I lived in Texas and could afford to have a home custom built for me. I would DEFINITELY hire these guys.


I am a “stripe person,” and this stripe around the house has made my day!

Hmm, I wonder if a stripe would look great on my house…


Wow, love it! I live in ATX and this is just the kind of people that I would love to contact about our home. I love their use of orange, even though I am not a longhorn. :)


I’m so interested to see what the Quonset Hut is going to look like in the end. I went to a summer camp in high school where we slept in quonset huts. So that’s the only thing I can picture. The first two homes are amazing, so it will be neat to see where that project is going.


Oh wow. I really, really love what they’re doing with these spaces. I don’t have a favorite feature because I love so many! I can’t wait to see more from them.


I’m lucky enough to be using Hatchworks on a current project. Their work is creative and special and the craftsmanship is outstanding. Hard not to say “Wow” when you walk into one of their spaces.


I live right around the corner from this house. It’s on 13th street just East of Chicon, which for those of you not familiar with Austin is one of the worst neighborhoods, full of people loitering in the street selling drugs. The house has been up for sale for almost a year, shame because it is even more gorgeous in person than in the pictures!


Oh my gosh. I’m obsessed. It’s like they took my love for bright colors, clean design, and great architectural details (particularly historic ones) and combined them into this fabulous business.


I’d LOVE to know what shade of blue that is in the image with the two doors.