hammam stripes

by Grace Bonney

I think at this point it goes without saying that stripes are pretty much my favorite design detail. Ever. Of all time. I even considered getting a striped tattoo at one point (Don’t panic, Mom. I didn’t do it.), before realizing it would end up looking like a barcode rather than a pretty group of stripes. In summary: I. Love. Stripes. So when Amy sent over these pretty Hammam striped hand towels ($9) from West Elm, I had to stop myself from jumping on the subway to pick up a set from their Brooklyn store. Even though there’s a round of Kleenex commercials trying to convince people to use disposable paper towels every time they wash their face (what?) in the bathroom, I’ll always prefer cloth towels, and these striped beauties just shot to the top of my wishlist. Click here to check them out online or pick up a set for your bathroom. Hooray for stripes! xo, grace

If you want to further realize my your stripe fantasy, West Elm has some other affordable stripes on the market to complete the look:

Striped Shower Curtain, $39 (I just ordered this, high five!)

Striped Sheet Set, $47+

Striped Tumbler, $8

Who doesn’t love a zigzag? This bath mat would be fun with the gray-striped shower curtain above. $24 right here.

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  • I never met a stripe I didnt like. Can you have too many in one room? got any pics of LOTS of stripes together?

  • Thank you, Grace, for this latest dose of stripe love! You could even add a Stripes chapter to the menu for fellow addicts…

    PS That hammam towel is especially gorgeous and so is the styling.

  • LOVE all the stripes! I’m so glad you commented on the Kleenex commercials… I can’t imagine disposing of a towel every time I wash my hands or face. Don’t we have enough landfills?? The pretty stripe Hammam towel is a great alternative!

  • I love the shower curtain and dish cloth!

    Not sure about the sheets though, they look too…normal? Something about the thickness of the stripes.

  • !YEEP! I’m obsessed with stripes too :) But not just any stripes, no no no, there is an unwritten formula for *good stripes*…it’s like math or something –if they stray from the exact ratio of weight/color/rhythm they start to look nervous. Drives me up the wall. Usually anything equidistant or 50% white works in my book –that’s why I LOVE the images above. I don’t know if it’s an “Eloise” thing, or a Dorthy Draper thing, or just because they are classic, but I can’t get enough of them. So glad these sorts of stripes are enjoying their day in the sun!

  • kristy i see what you mean about them seeming “too normal?”…funny i thought the same thing lol But then i realized i could but just imagine them layered with some other delicious prints and solids …then… XD HOTT!

  • Love that towel. I watch “Dear Genevieve” and one of the recent new episodes she did a Turkish style bathroom and used similar towels. Homegirl has a boner for all things Turkish, Moroccan, etc right now, and I am loving the way it can be infused into a modern room with other styles.

  • I’m not sure, but I don’t think the “hamam” refers to the stripes, but rather to the weave of the towel. If you go to a Turkish hamam, the towels they may give are flat woven…not terry cloth.

  • can’t make myself throw the catalog away. they keep sending me copies, but I love everyting in it. There’s a tea pot in the WE catalog that is not on their website I think is belongs to the flow dinner set, it has ridges like stripes. Love it, maybe I’ll have to make one.

  • the only thing better than stripes are black and white stripes. i bought a bunch of the w elm hammam towels, but i use them in the kitchen as dishtowels–where they get a lot more use (which means a lot more enjoyment)

  • Agree! I think of stripes as a neutral even. I pair stripes with florals, chintzes and other patterns.

    AND…thank you for mentioning that ridiculous commercial for disposable face towels…come on…how environmentally irresponsible is that!

  • Yet another fantastic issue of the Design Sponge daily email. Well done and thank you.

  • I feel the same way about stripes! It’ a dangerous love affair that has cost me many a pretty penny!

    I am in love with that shower curtain. I’ve always wanted an old, clawfoot tub with a rounded shower curtain. Heaven!


  • I love that towel! I wish that they made a larger version. I’d love to use one on my hot yoga mat – It would save a ton of space in my gym bag.

  • I have been coveting those striped sheets for my new apartment. You’d be surprised how hard it is to find simple gray and white striped sheets! I spotted some by Dwell Studios, but these were more within my budget.

    I have to say that at 70 dollars for scratchy 200 thread count sheets, I feel ripped off. I don’t recommend this product to anyone, despite the cute designs.