graphic usa: an illustrated guide to 25 cities

Speaking of city guides, one of my big dreams is to one day turn the D*S city guides into an illustrated book that people can carry with them (or on their phone) when they’re traveling across the globe. I’ve been squirreling away little design and layout ideas for a while now, so when I saw this email from Ziggy Hanaor about a brand new city guide book written and illustrated by graphic designers, I was instantly smitten. Packed to the brim with creative illustrations, interesting layout designs and, of course, fantastic tips for traveling, Graphic USA (Cicada Books, 2011) is a wonderful example of how fun and creative city guide books can be. Ziggy describes the book as an “alternative guidebook,” but I think most of you will find their recommendations for great places in each of these 25 American cities to be right up your alley. If you’re interested in traveling with some great local tips the next time you hit the road, click here to check out and pick up a copy of Graphic USA. You can also check out more of Ziggy’s great books about wallpaper, crafts and ceramics right here. xo, grace


What a great idea- especially because designers have such a unique way of experiencing their own cities- and then telling that story/experience. Giving them opportunity to tell the story through art- even better!


I’m no designer but I’m looking for a cool place to relocate. Ohio just isn’t it for me. Thanks for the suggestions! Now I can mention some places to my wife.

Jen C.

Oh my goodness, living in Austin can be really rough! I’m still laughing…


I love this! I’m pre-ordering one now. So excited to see Baltimore mentioned twice on d*s today :)


i LOVE design guides. so excited to see kansas city front & center!