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eskayel: the era collection

by Grace Bonney

When I think about wallpaper, I tend to gravitate toward bold patterns, but these new watercolor-style designs from Shanan Campanaro at Eskayel are just gorgeous. Shanan’s “Era collection” is available in wallpaper, fabric and pillow form and feels like an elegant version of Rorschach drawings. If you’re looking for something modern but want to keep the colors cool and calm, this collection is definitely worth checking out. Click here to view the full series (I love that hot pink style!) and shop online. xo, grace

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  • The wallpaper is gorgeous but what I want is the chair pictured in these photos! Who are they by?!

  • you must be stalking me because I have been looking for awesome new wallpaper just this morning!! Thank you for reading my mind, these are gorgeous!!

  • I found the creator of the chairs. His name is Fredrick Färg, and he has some other neat goodies.

  • the wallpaper is certainly lovely, but doesn’t go with my home…. i too love the chairs!! please let us know where to find them!

  • That chair reminds me of the dresses I am seeing at the award shows lately- with that big dramatic ruffle across the top….very cool! Love that yellow wallpaper design!

  • Aw man, the Eskayel link is not working for me. :( I don’t know if I have anywhere that would work with these papers, but they certainly are fascinating.

  • Forget the wallpaper, where is that gorgeous pelican sculpture from?! I NEED it!

  • Very cool wallpapers, the first picture combination (furniure+wall) for me is the best. Thank you for share!:)

  • Besides the fact that those wallpapers look like they have a life of their own; breathing, glowing, maybe even with a pulse… Those chairs are rocking some serious style. Amazing.

  • Beautiful! I always find myself searching for the perfect combination of pattern and color that I won’t get sick of looking at. There is something just dreamy about these. Thank you for sharing! Their blog shows some photos of the elements that inspired these patterns. just lovely.

  • Eskayel’s wallpaper is incredible and the chairs are fabulous! They are made by an incredible designer named Fredrik Farg reperesented by my gallery in New York, RH Gallery. Please contact me if you would like details at rebecca@rhgallery.com. His new work is also going to be exhibited at our gallery in May during design week. Thanks!

  • What beautiful, unusual wallpaper… I can’t recall seeing anything else quite like it.

    I’m a Shanan, too (yes, spelled the same way) and I think I’ve only encountered one other person with that same name! Cheers to you.

  • Thanks for the post Grace and thank you everyone for the wonderful comments.
    Thank you to RH gallery for the use of the Farg chairs.
    The chrome bird is something I found at a vintage shop called Obscure Object in Brooklyn and I have never met another Shanan until now!

  • These are absolutely wonderful wall papers. So calming.
    And what about those chairs? Wish I could be at Designs Week to see them.

  • LOVE THIS! These papers are great, and the chairs – lovely. Just can’t get over the fact that the chair leg was “styled” … inside the bowl … :(