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diy project: vintage arrow valentine

by Halligan

A good girlfriend of mine has an amazing vintage arrow collection. She displays them all in her home on the wall and bunched together in containers. This February, I decided to whip up a Valentine’s Day DIY inspired by her collection. The big day of love is only five days away, but luckily that’s plenty of time to make some cute and easy arrows for your sweetie. Happy Valentine’s Day! — Halligan

[Update: In our research for this project, we came across a range of great projects involving vintage arrows. Danielle from The Thompson Family blog did a similar painted arrow project that we love and that you can check out right here .]

CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump!


  • wooden dowels
  • wooden hearts
  • feathers
  • paint
  • string
  • paper
  • file
  • sandpaper
  • industrial or wood glue, such as E6000
  • paper or craft glue
  • paintbrushes
  • masking or painter’s tape
  • printer and computer
  • scissors
  • small saw (if you can’t find dowels cut to size)


First, take a look at the spacing chart to see where to tape-off for striping and feather placement!

1. Download wraps here. Print and cut them out.

2. File one dowel tip down to a “v” shape to fit into the crevice of a heart.

3. Paint dowels with your base color.

4. Using tape, mask off the stripes and paint. After the paint is dry, remove the tape. For an aged look, lightly sand the stripes. Paint the wooden hearts.

5. Cut off one side of the feathers. It’s much easier to cut against the grain.

6. Place a bead of glue along the end of the arrow and place the feather side in the glue. Space four feather halves evenly around the ends of each arrow.

7. Glue and wrap the paper templates around the arrow.

8. Wrap with string to add extra stripes.

9. Give to your Valentine.

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