before & after: laura’s seating duo + karen’s chair

Like Grace, I have a weakness for a crisp, clean stripe, so when I saw the fabric Laura chose for her seating makeover, I was instantly won over. The blue chevron looks wonderful against the sage green wall, and I very much appreciate Laura’s decision to use the pattern for the cushions as well as the seat. You can read more about the project and see the rest of Laura’s living room makeover here. Great job, Laura! — Kate

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I’m excited to share this awesome chair makeover from Karen because it comes with an amazing tip, one that I certainly plan to use in the future, and I think all renovators will appreciate it. Karen loves to give old furniture a new life, and when this chair came into her possession, she gave it incredible amounts of love and care. Karen stripped and cleaned the piece tirelessly, and after refinishing the wood with a coat of antique white and a brown overglaze, she gave the old leather an amazing new look with — wait for it — silver spray paint!

That’s the magic tip, folks. According to Karen, if you work slowly and apply about 20 coats, one light coat at a time, the paint will not chip, run or rub off, and the metallic finish will actually wear in beautifully. You can read more about the project here. I was so excited to hear this, and I can’t wait to try it out on something. Beautiful job, and thanks for the tip, Karen!


I love the look of the blue and white chevron fabric. It really is a great new twist on the standard stripe. Recovering furniture is a great way to be green and spruce up any old furniture. Great job!


I adore the modern touch the chevron pattern gives to such classic pieces. Great advice about the metallic paint, I’m excited to try that out!


Really stunning! I love Karen’s chair as it looks really classy with the metallic finish. I think slow and steady wins this race – it must have been notoriously hard to spray the paint in thin layers so it doesn’t flake.


wow… I love the metallic spray paint tip! It sure looks beautiful. I’m going to try this on an old little ottoman that is upholstered in fake mustard leather… hope it looks as good as this!


I wonder if one day I will actually have the patience to perform such a stunning make over on a piece of furniture. Probably not… but I can dream!


oooohhh, the silver chair is divine! Absolutely does NOT look like it was spray painted. Such a clever idea…. I wonder if it would work as well on vinyl seat covers?

maureen lynne

wow, I’ve been wanting to find some ideas for redoing leather into a new look and this is too awesome…love the silver…will be trying this shortly…
thank-you for the idea…


Yay Karen!! Let’s hear it for spray paint! This totally changes what I will look for in old pieces waiting for some new life. Way to go!


Wow, love the silver chair. Will this work on vinyl, too, you think?


Gosh, see I looked at the chair before reading the post, and was thinking that, while I really loved the colors chosen, that the chair fabric looked a little off, like it needed to be cleaned or something. Reading through it, I realized that it was spray painted. Im sorry to say that it does look spray painted to me. But I will say that I do really love the wood finish on the chair!


im with lisa, it looks cheesy to spray paint a chair. would have loved to see it upholstered!


Laura- I am frantically searching for your etsy store in which you make and sell those very pillows!! :) I love that fabric, the pieces look amazing!


Dominique, that is too sweet!
Thanks for all the nice comments everyone, and thanks so much D*S for posting this. Just in case anyone is wondering, the zig zag fabric is from Premier Prints.


The chair is absolutely fabulous! Bravo! Light and easy is definitely the way with spray paint. I used to be very heavy handed with it but my husband showed me the way and you can do wonders with it if you apply it correctly.


The choice of chevron fabric with that piping looks amazing. Amazing!


Wow, what a fun day. I received so many nice comments and constructive feed back. I do want to add, if you visit the link to my blog, I posted a little more info if you are interested in this process.


what brand of spray paint please? most of the silvers no longer look silver metallic (alas, not even the high heat radiator paint).



What?! She spray-painted the leather? That’s incredible. You ladies & your creativity never cease to amaze me!