before & after: katie and laura’s chair + sara’s office

I can’t count the number of chair makeovers I’ve seen, and sometimes, it can become a bit of a dull blur. But send me a fantastic chair like this, and I’m revved up all over again. This chair is the handiwork of Katie and Laura of Flourish and Blume. Katie and Laura are self-described “chicks who love chairs,” and their love certainly shows in this piece. I never would have thought much of this old chair, and I am completely amazed at how fresh and modern they’ve made it look.

You can see more shots of this chair makeover in progress and check out Katie and Laura’s other great renovation projects by visiting their site here. And you’ll be delighted to know that the vintage-style heart fabric is actually a contemporary design. It is called “Grand Hearts” in Kimono Red and is designed by Umbrella Prints. They are currently sold out — clearly this is a very in-demand design — but will be printing more shortly. You can count me in the long list of eager customers; I am green with envy over Katie and Laura’s lovely creation. Great work, ladies! — Kate

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“After” photograph by Elissa Biermann

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No building is perfect; I’ve learned this through the many apartment searches, jobs locales and home makeovers I’ve experienced. Every space comes with its own unique quirks, and we wouldn’t want it any other way, would we? It’s what gives a place character. Pete Oyler and Nora Mattingly, the designers of this interior for Greenpoint CoWorking, are clearly well aware of this fact. Their decision to cover the awkwardly shaped alcove with neon green planks is simply genius. The result is graphic, modern, unexpected and adds a fun sculptural touch to the room.

Greenpoint CoWorking is a Brooklyn-based communal workspace for independent creatives and the brainchild of Sara Bacon. I love how the rest of the office is clean and minimal but with a few homey touches . . . and a dog :) It has the bright, airy openness that I imagine is quite conducive to a creative workflow. All you New Yorkers should consider yourselves very lucky; if this building was in my neighborhood, I’d be signing up for a seat immediately. Thanks for sharing, Sara!

Photography by Helen Pearson


Wow, this is amazing, it makes me wanna do it eighter. Love the chair and the chalkboard wall is sooooooooooo genious :)


That chair is GREAT!!! Love it!

That dog looks like the wind is blowing him/her away!


OMG! I didn’t realize that I needed an upholstered heart chair until right now! It’s awesome… The shape of those arms are heavenly!


Wow, this is so cheery – never stop the chair makeovers! I could follow a whole blog about chair makeovers! Will upholstery as hobby be to the teens (this decade)what knitting was to the oughties (or whatever we’re calling the decade that just ended?!)


That chair is incredible. It is such a statement piece and the arms go so well with the fabric. Really something out of the ordinary


Wow! I probably wouldn’t have even noticed that chair before but the form is really beautiful. Great pattern too. It’s stunning.

I am obsessed with chalk board paint. I’ve painted too many things in my house with it…


i’ve been to greenpoint coworking in person and it’s amazing! totally a must-see if you live in the neighborhood. sara is incredibly welcoming and bright, too. just like the space!

Ashley B

LOVE the chair and the office!

Lol – although I do find it funny that the last picture includes the puppy mid bum-rub… poor carpet!

Anna @ D16

I absolutely LOVE both of these makeovers. Those green boards are genius, and the lines of that chair combined with the heart print…yessssss.

Donut Girl

man, I wish I didn’t have such a weird aversion to chalk. the wall looks so cool! touching it is like “nails on a chalkboard” for me :(


The green planks aren’t exactly my cup of tea, but I can definitely respect that chalkboard wall. I never tire of seeing those!

Mary Engelbreit

This chair, that fabric! Just made my day! Your site is fabulous— I don’t know how you find so many wonderful things every single day. I couldn’t start my day without it!


OMG the arm design on that chair is gorgeous. And, the heart fabric has it looking it’s sexy best. LOVE IT!!!


Awesome! Love that. I tried to reupholster a little stool the other day and it’s much more tricky than it looks!!


Love the chair but what’s with the planks? Call me design challenged but I don’t get it…


Love the vibrant orange heart chair! It went from drab to daring. Now, where to find such thrilling fabric?!