before & after: jennifer’s hutch + ceiling lamp

It always seems like the very moment I get stuck in a redecorating rut, a clever new project falls in my lap to provide a jolt of inspiration. I have a built-in cabinet with these truly hideous doors, and thanks to Jennifer, I think I now know what to do with them.

It’s clear from these two projects that Jennifer has a knack for adding just the right amount of sweetness and decorative detail to a piece. Her vintage-inspired designs complement and enhance both the veneer hutch and the standard globe light and in such a natural and restrained way. It seems like the items could be purchased as is, which is a great accomplishment. If I saw that light fixture for sale, I would snatch it up immediately. Amazing work, Jennifer! — Kate

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CLICK HERE for Jennifer’s pendant lamp makeover after the jump!


I’d love the lights. Gives me some inspiration to do something to the ones I have that are like that.


holy smokes – I’m totally doing that to my horrid light fixture this weekend! Is that decoupage? or paint? or both? thanks for sharing!

KeLLy Ann

lol, we used to paint our light globes with acrylic paint in the 70s!
That was so much fun..


I have these horrible lights all over my house and haven’t been able to figure out what to do, short of buying all new fixures – so THANK YOU! I am so going to do something similar now.


Oh heavens, I love this light fixture! I’ve been pining away over a couple of the Schoolhouse fixtures, but just can’t bite the bullet and spend that kind of money. But this…. I can totally do! The best part is that I don’t have to wait for anything to ship- I can go pick up the materials tonight!

I’ll probably use a paint pen or something of that nature instead of the modge podge paper.


Wow! The lace detail on the cabinet doors is incredible. What a difference a little paint and inspiration can make on a piece of furniture!


I have those same yellow chairs and a very similar pull down lamp! We must be cut from the same cloth.

Donna Gallant

I’m sorry — but I think the after of the hutch is unattractive to say the least. The paint and lace trim look out of place and ruin the overall effect of the hutch.

Mary Jo

Oh for Pete’s sake — these projects are just too darned cute. To the naysayers, well bah humbug. The hutch is supposed to be fun, and I think it totally succeeds. Lighten up, please! If this site were about taking photos of “as is” retro furniture, it would not be very interesting, would it?


Wow! What a great idea with the lamp. I still have some ugly lights that came with my condo. While I’ve been sllooowly replacing them, lights are expensive!


Sacrilege? There’s nothing sacred about a mass-produced 1960s cheap veneer and laminate hutch, they are everywhere– I paid $1 for it an an auction. It’s supposed to be quirky and unexpected — the idea was to contrast the lace with the clean lines of the hutch. Yikes, you’d think I tarred and feathered this thing and then rolled it in glitter.


Jennifer, I think the hutch is just lovely. I ALMOST bought a piece similar to that (well, the original) at an estate sale the other day…but, alas, we have no wall space for it in our home! Devastating. Keep up the good work, despite these boring naysayers. ;)

Gareth @ InkUp

Great how a few small changes can add up to such a dramatic difference yet still keep the character and bring it bang up to date. Lovely stuff!


I would normally balk at painted wood, particularly if the effect of the veneer is attractive, but I do like the paint and lace effect, very cute.


I loveeeeeeeee the hutch. Do you happen to have a tutorial for it ? Did you free hand the lace detail ? I would need some sort of stencil ?