before & after: elsa’s bedroom + elise’s fireplace nook

Many design-loving people suffer from a bit of decorating ADD — I know I do. I tire easily of something I’ve recently been obsessing over, and the walls in my apartment have four layers of paint just from my tenancy alone. But one room I will always advocate changing up periodically is the bedroom. It’s such an intimate and crucial space where you go to unwind.

I can only imagine the joy that Elsa must have felt in completing this incredible bedroom makeover. Enlisting the help of designer Kirsten Krason, Elsa created an inspiration board and went to town transforming this room into her dream space. The dark walls are dramatic but not overbearing, the bedding is crisp and cheery, and the zigzag curtains are pure fun. I love the mixture of darks and brights, stripes and florals, and all the varied textures in the bedding, furniture and wall art.

I know I was just advocating giving in to decorating whims, but I might backtrack and say that you can stick with something if it’s a real keeper, like this one. Fantastic work, Elsa! — Kate

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CLICK HERE for more of Elsa’s bedroom and Elise’s fireplace nook after the jump!

Like Elsa’s bedroom makeover before it, this fireplace nook from Elise is greatly benefiting from the addition of bright, cheery colors. It’s amazing what a bit of color theory can do for a room, isn’t it? Elise was asked to redesign a room in the offices of HearitFirst, a music company in Nashville, TN, and turn the space into a multifunctional zone for hanging out and conducting video interviews with artists. I love that Elise used simple compositions of plates and wall art to provide visual interest and coziness to the room, and when has a pop of yellow ever failed to brighten and energize a space? The result is charming and versatile: mission accomplished! Great job, Elise!


That transformation looks fabulous!

It is pretty funny though, I was planning on doing my new bedroom in this exact color scheme. I even bought that bird fabric on the pillows! This room will definitely be my inspiration.


Love this room! Do you mind sharing where you got the bedding and pillows?


This room is gorgeous and as Dana said, it the same color scheme I’m going for as well. I think I recognize that front pillow from Target, but where did she get the matching accent pillows on the bed and the striped curtains?


This is so great! Please, please tell us where you found those yellow zigzag curtains!


The bedroom looks lovely but has anyone else noticed it is not the same room? Note the ceiling. Hummm


Elise did such a great job on our office! We use that corner all the time to interview artists and they always love the room!


I love the bedroom transformation! The colors are great together and the starburst mirror is beautiful. I think I need some zig-zag yellow curtains, now!

Jamie B

Yes, please share were you got those curtains. I NEED them!

p.s. I have the flower pillow on my bed too. You gotta love Target.


Looks great! Was one side of the room a flat ceiling and the other side vaulted? I can’t figure out where the before picture is located in the after shots.


Beautiful!! I love the plate collage! I’m also drawn to (read: can’t stop collecting) beautiful plates, but am not sure how to hang them without using the old fashioned holders that show.


I’ m somewhat confused, but the ceiling in the before looks flat and in the second vaulted..? Is that a cool paint trick or am I just not seeing it right?


Kathleen, the matching pillows I believe are “Small Talk Blackbird” fabric by Waverly. I bought some on, but i am sure it is available on other sites as well.


Hi Janice! The pictures are from different angles of the same room. The “before” is view inside the room, and the “after” is the view from the door.. i have some images of the room from the same angle as the “before”. It is most certainly the same room. :)


I really really want those curtains. Can you share where you got them or got the fabric?

I love everything else about both spaces. Job well done!

Bri {collected}

I just checked out Elsa’s blog and she does say the before is from their old place and the after is at their current home. Still a great transformation though!


Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments on the bedroom!! And Elise, your fireplace nook looks so awesome, I wish we had a fireplace!

I’m going to try to answer some of the questions about the bedroom:

The wall color is Benjamin Moore’s “Almost Black” it’s a very deep charcoal.

The bedding is from West Elm and the yellow (front) pillow is from Target. The two back pillows were ordered off of Etsy made with the “Small Talk Blackbird” fabric by Waverly.

The curtains were a no-sew project using Premier Prints Fabric ZigZag in yellow/white purchased through

Kate Pruitt

Sorry Folks! The “room” confusion is my fault. I looked at the images I had and thought I saw the same ceiling from a different angle in one of the images and told Amy I was sure they were the same. I was mistaken, and I confirmed with Elsa that it is in fact a different room.

Sorry for the mistake! I’ll get my eyes checked before next week’s before & afters :)

– Kate


Hi guys! Sorry for all the confusion here! We just went back and forth with the home owner. My first comment was incorrect. Bri, you’re right. So sorry for the confusion!

From Elsa:
“We actually moved half way through the makeover, so it’s a new room (about the same size as the previous room) but the ceiling has an odd cut out and comes down lower on the back wall. “


Oh the bedroom is phenomenal. It’s one of those “oh wow” afters where it goes far beyond anything you could imagine. Well done.


this is the same color scheme we are going for in our bedroom. so fun!! this room looks great


This is exactly what I want to do in our bedroom. Love the color palette and we already have those end table.


Is that the same bedroom? It looks like the door has turned into a window and on the right hand side a new window has appeared! Or did they shift the bed around to another side of the room? In any case, I like all the changes except the colour of the wall – too heavy for a bedroom.


Hi, the new look is indeed an improvement, but where did the two new windows and the angled ceiling come from?


ha! I agree w/ Dominic & Elodea…Is this the same house and room? Looks like a door before and a window after. And the ceiling looks like it is vaulted in the second photo. Oh well~ might be just be me! It is a realy nice echange~ creative and colorful! The brown wall is too strong ~


hi guys

please see kate’s comment above. there was a misunderstanding with our initial submission and unfortunately it is a different room. the home owner moved mid-process and finished in a new space. sorry about that, we assumed it was the same and will be sure to double check all future submissions.

grace :)


Sorry everyone about the confusion!

@Jamie I did a google search on “no sew” curtains and looked through different tutorials people posted. I mostly followed what John & Sherry did over at Young House Love…you can search their blog and I think they even have a video tutorial to go along. It was a very simple process and I recently did it again in my office.

Megan K

Both rooms turned out amazing! I was really excited to see the bedroom with the charcoal walls- I recently painted my dining room (yesterday afternoon) in a deep dark slate blue/gray. Taking the risk with such deep color really pays off- & really lends a bad a** vibe… awesomeness I can’t even begin to describe! Not only that I also ordered zigzag curtains! Ha!


Love the curtins does anyone know where i could get similar fabric in the uk?

Aunt LoLo

Oh, I LOVE this. We’ve been in our new home since June, and some of the rooms just have me STUMPED. Like the master. My master is laid out really similarly to the one in this post…but with kind of blue-grey walls. A pop of dandelion yellow would totally pull my space together. Thank you!! Decorating block no more!


Where is the fabric on the white chair from?

The curtain fabric looks like summer soiree from Michael Miller.

Are the nightstands Ikea rast dressers painted white?

Michelle Robertson

Love this room! I’m planning on doing something in the same palette, have that same fabric from on my inspiration board for curtains and it’s great to see them made into curtains in this room, they look fantastic!


@Orangesugar the nightstands are Ikea Rast dressers painted in a warm white with knobs I picked up at Hobby Lobby. The fabric on the chair is from Calico Corners called Silhouette Turquoise.

For those asking about the color on the walls, the deep charcoal is Benjamin Moore’s Almost Black–I had it mixed in Behr’s primer + paint in one. The rest of the walls are Behr’s Anonymous.

Elli Davis

Wow, if you didn’t tell, I would never have guessed it is the same room in the pictures. Btw, I always knew blue, yellow and white look good together but the dark details make this combination a lot more interesting. Love it!


Love the colors and the patterns.I have been looking for some decorating ideas for my bedroom. You have inspired me with your lovely decor!


This room is so gorgeous! I especially love those orange, chevron drapes!

Such a fantastic transformation! :)


Thanks for clearing that up! I am going to be moving later this summer and will be following along the blog for ideas and color inspiration etc !


oh this bedroom is exactly what i have been putting together in my head! just lovely!